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Will be starting CD on Weds - advice plz

I would like to know what your experience was and if you found it hard.

I am starting on Weds (well meeting councellor) and am so worried that I will find it too hard.

I am desperate to lose this weight.

Will I see results in the first week?

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Im not going to lie to you - yes i found it hard at times when i was serving dinnr to the family but it was all worth it at the end of the week when I lost that 9lbs, and people lose a lot more as well!
Hiya, :welcome: to minimins. CD is a great diet, the results are amazing but its tough especially the first few days, until you get into ketosis. some people dont have any side effects ive had the odd banging headache and that. i lost 14lbs in my first week and i noticed it in my jeans they were hanging of me need a belt for the 1st time ever!!! Its so worth it best advice is stick to it 100% and try all the flavours best of luck ;) x
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Hi Good luck with CD. Like the others have said it is hard especially the first 3-4 days. My advice would be to drink plenty of water. This is my second time on cd the first time i lost 12lbs in the first week and lost a total of 34lbs.I kept 28lbs off and restarted last week. Good luck x


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Cut down on the carbs as much as possible. Pasta, sweets bread etc...just eat less in the run up. I didn't but I would if I had my time over.
Oh and don't drink sambucca shots the night before you start, I did that and regretted it.
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the hardest part is getting through the early days up to about day 4 which was difficult for me but worth perservering x


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The first two days were a bit ropey for me, and as mentioned above try to cut down on your carbs for at least 3-4 days before hand, as this stops the withdrawal from carbs being quite so bad.

I would also buy in 2-3 extra packs. I know SS it should be 3 packs a day, but I found for the first 3 days the thought that i had an extra pack if things got too bad to bear was quite comforting, I think I used one. Better an extra CD pack than something that will set you back to square one.

Also try to keep occupied.
Drink your water
Add a wee bit extra water to your shakes, I like mines thinner/bigger so add 500 ml
(plus if you do this you could technically have 6 1/2 portions throughout the day if you'd find it easier)
Hang in there, everybody differs but generally after the first 3 days you'll find it a lot easier.
Try not to cheat (I speak from experience here) it means that you will bet your progress back a bit and ultimately be o SS for longer.

Most of all though, come on here for support, the support of people who are on CD is very important, as "outsiders" will give you grief about your "unhealthy faddy diet" and it can get a bit wearing after a while.



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Well said Lexie. My first 9 days were weird. I was expecting to be hungry but wasn't really affected. Lost 5lbs week1, was expecting 2.
As everyone else has said really, cut down on carbs, drink loads of water and come on here as much as you can to get advice and keep yourself motivated. Good Luck.:)

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