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Will I ever get under 15 stone?


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I can't shrug off the worry that it is my lot in life to never weigh less than 15 stone. Over the past 12 years I have lost 2 stone (and gained it again) but never I have managed to get under 15 stone.

My diet is going well, very well in fact and I have never strayed from being 100% but even so, I have this awful drak forboding that the scales just won't budge.

I suppose I'm just feeling a bit down though nothing else is troubling me apart from this awful feeling.

Sorry guys. Just needed to have a moan but it's the first time in 6 weeks I've been a bit down so that's not bad I suppose! Thanks for listening.:badmood:
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I understand what you mean exactly. But you've done brilliantly and there is no reason, if you continue to do so well...why you want achieve all your goals.

I think this is something a lot of us think in the back of our minds...maybe we are meant to be fat forever.

I say NO TO THAT! We will be healthy and slinky and slim and our VLCDs will help us to do so!

irish molly

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We all hit a wall from time to time during our lipotrim journey. You are doing so well at the minute and you will continue to do well. Sometimes, I think, our minds play little tricks on us and make us look for reasons to revert to our old ways. I know I hit a low point after about ten weeks and felt like giving up and found it very hard to stay strong. But, I did not give in and the low feeling soon passed. Stick with it and you will be glad in the end. Lots of luck for the coming week.


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I know exactly how you feel arntyjax. But you will get to 15st and you will pass 15st soon enough. Just take each day as it comes and not worry to much about the numbers let the LT do the worrying for you as it were!! You have done remarkable in the few short weeks you are on it. Don't doubt yourself no more, you can and will do it. I look forward to your pictures :) xx "hugs"


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Hi lovely, mine is to get under 14st 9lbs - to get to that and get unde it!

Feel like il never get there and if I do I will stay there give up diet and pile it all back on

so you can join me in beating our demons and we can spur eachother one sweet!!



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Argh thanks guys. You truly are the best. I popped on the scales this morning and I'm dead on the 15lb so that's another lb gone over the weekend. My scales say different to the chemist but they are my guide. I know I shouldn't be obsessed. It's just a number but it's so important to me after all these years. I'm sure I'll be under by the time I get weighed Wednesday.

You all help so much. It really makes the journey easier knowing that I'm not alone. Bless you. xXx


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Lauren, that sounds like a plan! I too am eager to get to 14 9lb as that is what my Hubby weighs! I've not been lighter than him for about 20 years! This is all really a mental thing as I have never, ever been tempted to cheat. It's like a block. Awful feeling. But you're on! Lets burn, baby burn!!! X


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Ooh wonderful! Right then sweet let's
do it!!

Iv got quite a bit to loose to get there but knowni can as have once before so got to get past it!

Here's to being skinnier than our husbands and twice as gorgeous!! Xx
I know the feeling ladies - I have been"secretly" weighing on my own scales and I swear to god the blasted thing must be stuck - i cannot budge that needle from 15 stone on the button. When i get weighed in at the Lipotrim, I weighed in at 14 st 12lbs. I am almost at the end of week 3 and guess where the scales is at - 15 stone on the button.

I have weighed my kids and hubby and they all weigh perfect. Honestly, I think the scales is having a laugh at me!! Well I suppose it does see me quite often!!!!

Anyway heres to the burn, baby, burn!!!
Maybe is a 15 stone thing? How strange. The course of the big-1-5!!! Doo-Da-Doo-Do (that was meant to be the Twilight zone theme but you're all probably far too young to remember that!). Must be a bit like the marathon runners when they hit the wall! Onwards and upwards girls. x


Here we go again!
I'm hoping to beat that 15 barrier this weigh in too. Another half a stone and I will be same as hubby, can't wait to be less than him too.

OK if I join you ladies on this challenge?


My husband = My hero
Absolutely Bev!

Let's do it!! Xxx

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