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Will I have to stop CD because of this diagnosis?

S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 9st6lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

I had a scan yesterday and was diagnosed with having a non functioning gall bladder which has shrunk and contains a load of stones :(

This explains all the pains Iv been having the last few months:(

Dr say Il probably have it out in the 2 months.

I don't have to stop CD do I? I need to be as slim and as healthy I can be for the op, so carrying on with CD would be the best thing yes?

Anyone had this problem with their gall bladder and what is life like without one?

My mum had hers out when she was 25 and has been in pain for the last 35 yrs :( dont want that :(

Thanks for any advice :)

One Fat Mama xx
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Hi there

Not sure about doing cd with gallstones - you will need to check with your gp.

I had my gall bladder removed when i was 19 (16 years ago) after suffering for a year or so with chronic pain. In the end my gall bladder became infected and i had loads of stones.

I had key hole surgery which i am sure you will have (back then it was quite new). I've never had any problems whatsoever since the op - now i can eat without any pain at all! ( and eat i have, hence my being here! :D)

Hope it all goes well for you hun

S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 9st6lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks hun :)

This is yet another thing that has made this year horrible for me :(

OFM xx
Hi, I am brand new to this site, only registered 2 minutes ago, but Gallstones is something I know about!

CD should not be problem, because the issue with Gall stones is fat. As the CD is very low fat, it should not cause you any problems. Stay away from fats and spicy things, as they are what sets off the pain.

Hope you get the Op soon

Good luck

Claire x
yea claire is quite right - its the fat that moves the gallstones which causes the pain. Avoid anything with fat in.

I really feel for you. The pain is awful - i remember saying to my Mum at the time that i would be able to endure child birth easily because my pain threshold went up so much during my gallbladder saga!
I don't know about whether you can continue CD, but I can tell you that I had my gallbladder removed by laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) about 14 years ago and I haven't had so much as a twinge since. I was given no dietry restrictions either [maybe that wasn't such a good thing, eh? ;-) ]. Once the bloody thing was taken out of me I just got on with my life as normal. It was a blessed relief after all the pain and vomiting.

I first got the gallstones/pain while I was pregnant (about the 3 month mark), so nothing could be done about it until after I'd given birth. Apparently, pregnancy can cause gallstones to develop.

I spent a lot of time in hospital over it both before and after my baby was born, because I had to be given IV pain relief - normal painkillers were not only too weak, but I tended to vomit when I was having 'an attack' so it was pointless trying to take oral painkillers. The doctors were worried about the welfare of my foetus while I was in pain spasms (which were exrutiating and could last up to 48 hours) so they decided on balance I ought to be given injections of strong painkillers.

After my baby was born I was given an appointment for surgery. Unfortunately while I was waiting for the surgery, I developed pancreatitis as a result of my diseased gallbladder. This was very dangerous because it was initially misdiagnosed by a baby doctor as a bladder infection! His advice was to go home, take antibiotics and drink plenty of water. Stupid really, because I have a good grasp of anatomy, and I knew my bladder was nowhere near where the site of my pain was (he wouldn't listen to me) and putting ANYTHING in your stomach while your pancreas is doing its best to shut down is apparently just about the worst thing you can do. Luckily, some instinct told me not to drink. My sister in law came round to the house later that night and saw the state I was in and drove me back to the hospital.

I was admitted for a week and given IV fluids, etc, until my pancreas shrank back down and started behaving itself again. At the end of that week the surgeon removed my gallbladder before it could do any more damage, and...I went home the very next day, I felt so well!

Hope this fills you with more confidence to have the surgery. Good luck!


Cambridge Counsellor
You have to stop SS two weeks before the operation. Then you have to be out of ketosis before the operation. The reason has something to do with the viscosity of your blood changing. Think it gets thinner whilst on the diet - so not good if you're going under the knife.

Then - and this is the bummer, our rules state you can't do any Cambridge plan for three months after the operation. This is because in order to repair itself your body needs loads more protein than is in the diet.

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