Extra Easy Will I need a Dr approval


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Hi Everyone,

I am new here and have a quick question!

I would like to start SW as I have had great success with it in the past. However, I have since been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and I am now on meds for this. Do you know whether I will need my doctor to sign something in order for me to join SW? I did txt the SW leader in my area querying this but she has never come back to me :( (which worries me slightly). I just want to get everything ready before I join on Thursday. Saying that with the consultant not coming back to me I am thinking about joining online instead.

Thanks :D
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I know when you join you have to fill in a form and on that form they want your docs name and address. I think you will be ok to join, it's just that your weight loss may be a bit slower.

Oh and if I were you I would look for another group. Poor show on that consultant!
I don't think you can judge a consultant for not replying to one text. Texts can go astray, there might be problems that you don't know about.


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Thank you for your replies. I will give this cosultant another go but I am a bit cautious and will keep my eyes open. As long as she doesn't chase me away


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Sometimes it takes my consultant a while to get back to me, longest has been around 12 hours, but then again sometimes I've been known to not answer texts for a day or so, and sometimes texts do go astray. Give her one more chance as mentioned, and if she doesn't get back to you, join online or find another group.


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Thanks :D, I don't really have an option as there aren't any other leaders on our area hahaha. I have loads to lose so don't want any drama and I just want a good environment :). Anyway, I will be joining on Thursday and I am just so glad that I am finally taking control of my weight!