Will my weight just sts after a certain point...


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...without exercise?? With the stinky dinky doo weather atm Im finding it hard to get any regular exercise - I know if I really tried i'd be able to but with my 1 and a half yo to run after and all that cleaning to do etc its hard!! Reason im asking is that i've been sticking religiously to plan and at my last weigh in I stayed exactly the same!!! :cry::cry:
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I'm a lazy bird and don't do any excercise (new dog will change that though!) and I didn't find it affected me too much. I'm sure it comes off quicker if you do exercise (and of course its the right thing to do!) but when I reach a plateau I change what I eat a bit and find it works.


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Nah, if SW is followed 100%, we will still lose weight without exercise. Maybe you've eaten syns you weren't aware of? Or it's around your TOTM? Or maybe you've not eaten enough free foods?


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What about putting little one in the pushchair and just going for a 10 min walk, maybe go shop to buy a paper daily. Its a reason to get out the house.

I am just the same as you, and sometimes dont go out the house for days at a time!

Things will be different when you have school run to do every day :)

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It does happen sometimes you may not loose weight but you may loose inches so it maybe worth measuring each week aswell, also sometimes it may not show this week, but if you stick at it you will see the differnce on the scales next week


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I have 'stayed the same' this week, i am absolutely gutted, i ahave been swimming and walked more this week so was expecting at least a pound.

Sometimes it works that way though, keep at it and hopefully we will have a good loss next week. The thing keeping me going this week is that i do feel really good from the good food, i'm not bloated and hopefully the scales will catch up sometime soon lol.

Exercise can't hurt but neither is it necessary to lose weight .
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