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Will Power and Motivation .... Whats everyone's secret?

Not sure I'm the best to give advice from a personal view ... but can tell you what I say to my clients:
  • put photos of you when you were slimmest and/or fattest around the kitchen, especially the fridge
  • if you have a goal occasion like a holiday put travel pictures from brochures up too
  • put an outfit you really want to wear but can't fit into in your bedroom - you'll see it every morning when you wake and every night when you go to sleep
  • start a diary - either on here or written ... it might help pinpoint triggers
  • keep in contact with your CDC - by email/text etc ... even when you are doing well
  • find a means of treating yourself that is not food related
  • allow yourself some "me" time every day to reflect on your day and just chillout
  • write a plus and minus list of why you are losing weight
  • set small interim goals that are easily achievable
Hope some of them help .... must try them myself!!!!!


weighs a lot less
hi im on Lt and just being a normal weight is my motivation i also like the thought of being able to wear shorts this summer and not having to sit in the shade sweating like a pig ,good luck you can do it xxx
Thanks Girls - this is great. IF i get through today without a relaps I will buy a wedding mag and splatter my fridge door with piccies


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Hi Tiffers (we know each other vaguely through a different group, by the way)

I lost 4 stones a couple of years ago on CD and put 2 and a half back on since, so I am also on a restart. What is motivating me at the moment is the memory of how I looked and felt after I'd lost that weight. I had got down to a size 10/12 and felt soooo good about myself - which is why I can't understand how I let myself put so much back on.

If you are who I think you are, you are bloody gorgeous already but by losing the weight you want to lose you will feel as great as you look. Stick with it kiddo - we both know that we can do it with this diet :)
Tinley!! God I do remember you - which is a miracle for me because I remeber very little of my spice days (except meeting the husband to be!!) Thanks for your support chick - im 100% we can both do it. If you wanna compare Weigh-ins once a week let me know and I'll give you my personal work addy.

How are you anyway? Still spicing?


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I'm pretty good really, apart from the weight of course lol. Dropped out of Spice a couple of years ago after a blazing row on the MB with Richard. I keep in touch with a couple of the old gang, mainly through Scrabbulous on Facebook and will be going to the Hilarious Relaunch when it gets sorted, so might see you there?

Your wedding is getting pretty close now - how exciting! Dunno how much more motivation you can get than that!!
Lol - that'd do it :)


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I motivate myself daily, every morning when I get up, I say I won't eat before midday, then I change to 3pm, then 8pm and then before bed. On a bad day, I do it hourly. Dunno if it'd work for anyone else, but it does for me.
I do alot of cross stitching, It keeps my hands and mind occupied and before I know it a couple of hours have gone by....

The down side to my hobby is the housework never gets done:eek: and the kids are trying to eat a chair leg cos I have forgotten tea!!:eek: (joke)


French Honey
Not very green of me I know, but I like to take advantage of the empty roads here in Norfolk and I drive around listening to music very loudly, I always feel really uplifted and happy when I do that (until I have to refuel the car that is :D ) and if I am feeling upbeat then I don't feel like eating. Like Dancing says, it's mind and body harmony that you have to look for.

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