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Will SW work for me?

Hi there

I would like to follow slimming world as I am 5' 3" and need to lose about a stone maybe a stone and a half to be my ideal size/weight (I am currently 10st 2lbs). I am concerned that SW wont work for me as I already base most of my meals around free foods, especially pasta and quorn as I dont eat meat. Do you have any tips for someone with not too much weight to lose but that the diet wont be too much of a change from what they are already eating? Thanks
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Hi and welcome! I have no special advice because SW works for people no matter how much or little they have to lose. Otherwise no-one would ever get to target!

If you follow the plan properly and make sure you are getting the right amount of superfree foods they you should be fine.
What you currently eat sounds a lot like the older 'Green' days plan? I don't know much about that one, but others might be able to help. If that is the case then maybe there's no harm trying it out? x
Hi there

Thanks for the replies. I think I will still follow green days as I dont know if I will benefit from losing the healthy extras by doing EE?

I am just concerned that SW wont be different enough to what Im already eating but I will give it a whirl anyway! :)


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Even though you are already eating some free foods you may not be following SW correctly. For example you say you eat pasta, what do you eat this with. A jar of pasta sauce can be seriously high in syns, however by following SW you will learn to make your own much healthier sauces. SW works but only if you follow it correctly to the letter. You can't just follow bits of it. I'm a vegetarian so before I started SW my diet also included a lot of free foods (quorn etc) but because I wasn't following all the rules I was gaining weight not losing.

My other piece of advice would be exercise, especially as you do not have much to lose. If you up your level of fitness your metabolism will increase and you will have greater success losing.

Good luck!
Thanks for the replies guys, I lost 3lbs in my first week :D
ooh well done, thats fab.

what did you find was the differences between what you were eating before and now you're following SW?



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Well done, that's a great result!


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Good luck mate!
Welcome to the club, as others have said, following the plan will work I have lost just over 3 Stone since I joined......Pete
Walter Bishop said:
Thanks for the replies guys, I lost 3lbs in my first week :D
Well done my wife was 5'1 and 10st 7lb when I started SW, she did green days only and she is now down to 8st 12lb. Didn't take her long and she still had her wine at weekends lol.

Good luck with the rest of your journey.

PS I love your username,Fringe is my favorite tv show :)
I am 6.5lbs down now, everything going well! :D

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