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yep, i had two days of full on green, and lets say it was windy here in worthing, hahah, and no dog to blame it on, lol....im doing red now its calmed down,


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It's been Trumpton all the way after a green day yesterday! We call them green parrots flying round the room :eek: Luckily mine smell of roses :p


Nojo on the YoYo
Hahah Trumpton! Windy Miller from Trumpton!

I call my OH Baron von Trumpethousen after he's had one of my SW EE bologneses.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Didn't you just love the ad with Windy's relative who was a naturist? :)
It's not just the trumps though! With me I feel so bloated and uncomfortable that I wish I could stick a big needle in my belly (a bit like the heparin injections I had to give myself a while back!) and let it all out that way - it really hurts!

Has anyone found any medication that actually HELPS with this problem, if so please share!!!


I see the light!

I've been suffering badly too, mines mainly trapped wind and very painful, I think the cause of mine is I am eating more beans, baked beans and pulses in soups. So if I know I am going to have a meal with beans etc in I have a Windeze tablet afterwards and so far seems to have eased the wind being trapped! Not sure its eased the air at home tho! :)

Helen x
Not windypops (how old are we :p) but do feel more bloated since starting SW - but yet my clothes are looser - strange!!!:confused:
There's no hope for me - I suffer badly with wind thanks to Healthy Eating (as I tell OH and kids) BUT due to Diabetes I also take Metformin tablets which I have been told have been nicknamed "MetFARTIN!!!" due to obvious side effects - oo-er! :)

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