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Wish I hadn't bothered

So I've been doing slimming at home for a while and my weight loss has been pretty good, but I had 2 weeks off and kind of went off the rails a little and had been debating about going to group I put it off as I was petrified for 2 weeks but finally went last tues! It was ok I felt Sick with nerves but come away feeling ok and positive, right now I know I shouldn't have but wed morning I weighed myself and just weighed myself again this morning and it's the same! What a waste of money I shouldn't have bothered - how humiliating I was expecting a good loss with it being a first week AND I'd been really good! Should have saved myself the money and embarassment!
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I chucked out my weighing scales as they were TOTALLY different to the sw ones - plus you weigh all different throughout the day. Much better to just do it one one scales, at one time of the day. Don't get de-motivated, you dont know what the outcome is yet!! If you have been following the plan and been good, you WILL lose! Lots of things affect how you weigh throughout the day, I bet you will see a good result tonight :) Good luck! xxxx
I assume your WI is tonight? Assume nothing till it is over with. I also weigh at home sometimes and my scales can be wildly inaccurate at the best of times, and other times totally fine. Last night I went hoping to lose 1lb and I lost 3. Do not worry or get upset about this - you may be absolutely fine tonight or it may simply be a case of the "off" weeks catching up with you and you may get a better loss next week.

But dont take TOO much notice of your home scales.
My home scales can be anything from a lb out to 4 lb out!! It differs from week to week, I never weigh myself at home anymore, the only reason we have scales is because hubby is doing SW from home (As we can't both go to class because of the kids) so he uses them.

Ignore the scales, you may be pleasantly surprised.
For some reason my weight and losses at home seems to bear no resemblence to what I weigh at group. The scales, time of day, what you're wearing or what you've eaten before group, etc etc all make a difference.

Have you followed the plan? You've done it before and know it works and we usually know if we deserve a loss or not. Even if you lose less than you hoped sometimes it takes a week or so for your loss to catch up with your good work.

Don't give up though... it was obviously a big deal and took some courage for you to go back and now you've taken that step you dont want to have to do it again. Like you said, you've paid for it so make the most of the support your group offers - take your food diary and ask your consultant to look at it. If it's not as good as you hoped, she may be able to give you some ideas of why you didn't get the loss you think you deserve (do you keep a diary? I have to if I'm gonna stay on track).

Good luck with your WI today and let us know how you get on

Why are you humiliated? Why are you embarrassed? You haven't had your weigh-in yet, so you don't know whether you have lost or not (home scales are not the same as SW scales - every set of scales will show a different result).

Even if you have stayed the same, it still isn't embarrassing or humiliating - unless you decide it is going to be. Everyone else at that class will have had an unexplained result at some stage, so they will know exactly how it feels.
thank you for all your words of support/wisdom!
i have always been very hard on myself and set myself impossible targets, probably one reason why ive not wanted to join a class before is also cos im so scared of failing!
but that aside i lost 6 friggin pounds! i was so pleased i could have cried also i managed to get talking to some of the other ladies so even feel better about going next week i actually enjoyed myself - shock!
i feel so positive for the week ahead!
thanks again for all your support oh and my boyfriend is keeping the scales in his car untill in in the routine of just weighing at class!
Thats wonderful, you must be so pleased :D I still cant get out of the habit of scale hopping. I dont know why I do it but I just feel out of control if I cant just hop on.:rolleyes:


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oh and my boyfriend is keeping the scales in his car untill in in the routine of just weighing at class!
You do realise that's for his benefit and not yours :p
Well done hun :)
Also, just remember if youve been doing it at home - then someties your body can have "slowed down" to "normal" lol x
YAY! Well done Ally :D

If your scales vary that much, tell him to sling them on the tip!!! May as well stick to group WI and then spend the rest of the week not having to worry - but one step at a time, yeah? :D
well done on your loss - and ditch your useless scales. There is no point in getting yourself het up over inaccurate readings.

Good luck for next week, although having such a large loss - dont be disappointed next week if it is a STS or a small loss - 6lbs is such a huge amount remember.
yeah ive already told my self that, and i know you always have big loses on your first week im aiming for 1lb! that will keep my happy and ill get my half stone!


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Well done Ally ! That's fantastic. Glad you got the results and you are feeling much more positive.

Gail x

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