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Wish I hadnt said anything


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Well here we go again,I was happy to be on cd again and feeling really good that I was in the zone.
Now why cant I keep my mouth shut? In my line of work im seeing quite a few different people each day,and the conversation of diets comes up on a regular basis.I wasnt going to tell anyone i was on it.....but no not me......now here theyve all come in abundance,the disapproving looks,the isnt that dangerous quote,you will put it all back on quote,waste of time quote,i wish id just kept my big fat gob shut now i feel like crap!and ive only lost 1 lb since monday.Im not coming off it but it does bring you down x
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Ooohh, this is horrid! Like you say, keep your gob shut next time but now that it's too late maybe you could just lie about it (I hate lying but what can you do??). So sorry for your situation. This is why I told no one!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Thanks hun,I mainly thought if i told people it would make me stay on it otherwise i will feel stupid lol there was method in my big fat gobbedness! x
I feel your pain :)

I totally understand what you're saying, thinking that if others knew about it it would keep you on track. But ultimately we are responsible only to ourselves, right? So to hell with the others, WE are the champions and let's just do it! Stick to your guns and get back on!
It's ridicules the reaction CD gets it's safer then some other diets, stand strong and prove them all wrong. Bet if you had said you was on WW or SW or even Atkins they wouldn't have been so mean, it's only because they no NOTHING about it.

Hugs x
Sod the rest of them. You are doing it for you. Not them!!!! Also if it was dangerous then you clearly wouldn't be doing it!!! Bloody minded idiots! A bit of support or interest would be nice!!!!!!

Anyway, what some of the reprobates fail to understand that sometimes this is what works best for people who need to see an instant fix and spur them to keep going. Bigger people often loose faster, so jealousy will be a factor. Also, for medical reasons and bringing the bmi down quickly together out of a danger zone- it's ideal!!!

Ignore them and don't say anything else. If they ask or comment just change the subject! You can do it!!!!!!! Xxx
I don't believe in lying about Cambridge. There's nothing to be ashamed of!! It is pretty extreme in a lot of people's views, but it's one of the most researched diets in the world, and NICE guidelines on VLCD are followed, so it's completely safe! I've now dropped from BMI 37 or something to the healthy range since April (not updated sig for a bit), so it is the only diet that I am successful on as it keeps me motivated. I was a size 18-20 in April and now am a size 12. I just let people say what they want and then smile sweetly at them and say "I love Cambridge". Ha!
don't blame yourself for their rudeness. i've told everyone and had almost nothing but support. if people have nothing suppotive to offer i quickly cut them off by telling them that i've resarched it thoroughly, it's NICE approved, and it works for me. beyond that, anyone banging on would just be disrespectful and rude - which is their personality flaw, and sod all to do with you.
that said, i teach in a girls' school and when they ask i give a more vague 'eating less' answer. i don't think the idea of a vlcd is a great one to put in the head of an adolescent, who may be dealing with all kinds of body image and food issues.
spangles said:
that said, i teach in a girls' school and when they ask i give a more vague 'eating less' answer. i don't think the idea of a vlcd is a great one to put in the head of an adolescent, who may be dealing with all kinds of body image and food issues.
Well considered. Girls are much more observant about these things! Got any jobs going?! Xx
not at the moment, but wait five mins and i'm sure we'll lose another couple of dozen staff.
Lol yay!!
:grouphugg: hugs to you.

I've just been telling everyone i'm having a detoxing month which is true for me as i drink too much wine and with my wine I have cheese, crisps, nibbles of all sorts maybe a voddie or two. So I suppose i'm skirting round the truth but its working for me.

I've lost 22lbs but not very many inches however people are starting to notice now. I'm not fussy about negative comments, i'm doing this for me. My old way of life was much much less healthy.

Good luck on your continuing journey.

M x
I would use their negativity as a power force to spur you on, so what if their ignorance is stated, they are just sheep spouting what they have heard ( probably from a magazine or somebody's aunties friend) without ever reading up on the subject to acknowledge the clinical evidence that recommends this diet as safe.
You are an independent strong woman who is doing this for you, this time next year you will be feeling confident and in full control regarding food , getting loads of attention at how fabulous you look, they will still be standing like sheep with over inflated opinions on topics that they have no comprehension of!!!

Oh and remember my post from Monday.......THROW AWAY your scales. I swear to god they were crafted by the red man with horns!!!!
Dolly xxxx
Absolutely agree with Dolly!

Ive just had my mother in law say "whats the point you'll end up eating anyway" and its made me so mad but its made me so determined to prove her wrong.

some people just wanna see you fail. You just have to remember your doing this for yourself and let the negative comments just spur you on to do even better xx... bet after they see how much weight you lose on it they'll all be on it.

ignore them hun x
Oh I really feel for you!! I have so learnt my lesson on this one!! People dont understand the diet or how flexible it can be. Work collegues and even close friends have said awful things to me, but do you know what I will lose this weight and look great by Christmas and they'll still be fat!!! Let's show them! xx
People don't have a clue what CD is about or how it works. They say on these kinds of diet you'll put all the weight back on quickly but they don't realise that that's true of ANY diet or weight loss. They don't understand ketosis and quite frankly I think they are actually jealous that you are doingsomething about your weight when they may not be able to tackle theirs.
Although I have to say that I have not mentioned it to my 2 daughters and don't let them see me doing the shakes, I try not to talk about diets at all just healthy eating so I don't know how I will explain that although I tell them that they can eat everything in moderation and nothing is 'bad', I am not eating at all!
This is my second time round and I thought I wouldn't tell anyone because of all of the above it won't stay off u can't do this forever. It's horrible it puts pressure on you doesn't it but I believe this diet is defo the diet for me and it works I think we all show big willpower doing it too and it make people envious I'm proud to me doing it xx
Absolutely agree with Dolly!

bet after they see how much weight you lose on it they'll all be on it.

ignore them hun x
Yep, first time round I started after a friend did lighter life and quickly lost 2 stone. Then, I found a CDC only 5 mins away. From my success up to 10 friends went along with varying degrees of success. It works - FACT

M x

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