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Wish me luck !

pah, you dont need luck, you'll do it, we all will x


Is back in the saddle!
Onwards and downwards.


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Good luck Karma!
best of luck ! you will have lots of support and once you get through the first few days you'll be feeling fantastic and loosing weight



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Gd luck Karma - this site has been fab :D:D
Hi KM,
well done getting through today! My hunger had almost gone by day 3 so keep up the good work!!!
wishing you luck Karma. You'll do it xx:wave_cry:


Playing the Angel
Good Luck Karma

You will do fantastically!!! Come and join us lovely Maybelles, in the May starters group if you fancy a natter.

Loads of good luck and willpower vibes to you KW!
Good luck everyone, i'm hoping to start LL on Wednesday this week if i can get my doctor to sign me off quick enough. x

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