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Wk 14

Well its been week 14 weigh in this morning and its good news with a total loss of -3lb and I am over the moon and into the 14's:bliss:
Maybe I'm a sadist but I am really enjoying this now, quite sad a I know but WI for me is something I look forward to every week, hey dude's I know how to live man:smoke:
Good luck to everyone this week with their WI's, I have a good feeling for everyone this week:)

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That great well done hope i do as well? last night was terrible for me i had the runs all nite!!!! I thought you supposed to have constipation ?!!!:D:wow::wow:
Thats Excellant m8 well done keep it up fattothin , you have lost a hell of alot of weight in 14 weeks Well done M8


Wanna be....sexy!
Well done Gazza,your a real inspiration to the rest of us.My hubby is thinking about starting and Im not sure if he would have the willpower,would support him 100% if he decides to.I will get him to look at your success to spur him on x
hey garry,
fab fab fab!
into the 14's - woop woop! that's what i love about this diet thang....everytime you get weighed there is ALWAYS a goal we have acheived!! not only are you in the 14's you were only in the 15's for 3 weeks - wowzers!!
i'm hoping to match your 3 pounds this week coz that would achieve my mini goal of a HUGE 6 stone gone!
fran :)
hey shamrock,
my other half started lipo after i had done about 12 weeks - he wanted to lose about 2 stone.
he has done that now in about 5 weeks and is refeeding tomorrow!
he was looking at his diminishing sachets yesterday and couldn't believe he had managed to stick to it and is SO glad he has done it!
he has had a few tests where he has been REALLY tempted but managed to abstain from food and now is in smaller jeans!
it's shown me that it's not a girly thing to want to lose weight he has got just as much out of this for himself as iv got for myself - PLUS it's such a great feeling to see him happy with himself as i am happy(ier) with myself!
when he is ready to do it you will have such a buzzy household on weigh day - it's fab!
you've a good plan there though......fling him in garry's direction.....his possitivity (and sense of humour) will reel him in lol!
fran :)


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Well done Gaz xx


Wanna be....sexy!
I hope he does it Fran,He hasnt been that well since he put on so much weight,he has had various health problems and is generally unwell and he is only 37.It would do him so much good.


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WOOP WOOP deadly loss dude, your doin deadly :D

My WI is tomorro :eek:


Desires to be slim....
Well Done!!! Whats your goal weight?
Go Gaz Go, brilliant and into the 14s WOO HOO!!

Well done mate!



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Porgeous i wanna say TANK YOU!!!
I felt like quitting today feel NO felt really low and sorry for myself, but i came across one of your posts and seen your before and after pic and its straightned me out ;)


Back again - hey ho!
Porgeous i wanna say TANK YOU!!!
I felt like quitting today feel NO felt really low and sorry for myself, but i came across one of your posts and seen your before and after pic and its straightned me out ;)
She looks god damn amazing dont she! :eek: well done porgeous :)


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OMG talk about insperation... That woman is my idol now
Did soooo well and is maintaining!!!
Thank you both, what lovely things to say! Don't give up, as Gazza says stick at it and anything is possible.



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Tanx to you and your pictures i have not intention of giving up!
I had planned to sit in the house all day and feel sorry for my self but instead i went out for a drive and got a boost of energy, I know how crap id feel if i were to quit and i hav NO intention of doing that, i wanna be slim more than anything, and now im off for a nice long relaxing soak in the bath followed by an evening on front of the tv :D


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Well done!!!

Great to be in the fourteens...:happy096:
Thanks everyone, all your kind words really do help me to plod onor is it slog on:D
As for you ladies other halfs get em on it I could do with some help as im struggling with all these women now:p xxx