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Wk 23 weigh in


Recovering Cookie Addict
I lost 2lbs this week. A tad disappointed as its 8 days worth and for first time in ages the full week was 100%.

It's been the worst week of my life, my broken heart, my ex refusing to support me anymore, I have no idea where I'm going to live never mind how. I think only reason I've not cheated is I actually have no money to do so.

My situation isn't going to pick up any time soon and so I know I must adapt to this life of fear and dread for now.

In other news I'm finally in the 11s after 22years, and also have less than 2 stone remaining. Yay!
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2 Years Maintaining :)
I find this post very confusing. First of all well done on the 2lb loss :)the lighter you get the smaller your losses, but 2lbs is a good loss x

Why on earth are you putting so much into losing weight and getting slim if you are resigning yourself to live a life of fear and dread??

Surely you should be getting yourself out there.........finding work, supporting yourself and meeting new people.....actually living life not just existing resigning yourself to being alone and miserable?


Recovering Cookie Addict
I am unable to work due to ill health Retail, not because I am lazy and can't be bothered. I am studying at home so I can eventually get a job working from home around my illness.

The not getting out there part is down to actually knowing nobody around me. Since I have no job, and therefore no money, it's a catch 22 as I cannot afford to "get out there" and take up new hobbies and meet people otherwise, trust me, I'd already have been doing it.

I havent resigned myself to a life of anything. I am feeling decidedly sad and troubled this week and am embracing that feeling rather than trying to turn my back on it. I know what needs doing, I am not a dumb or stupid person, it's just not easy and so takes time. As for why am I spending so much effort losing weight etc, well I think the reason for that is self explanatory.
Hi Cookeh
Well done on your weight loss, God i have'nt been in the 11's for years either, i look forward to it ..... hopefully that will be sometime in March, sorry to hear that you are having such a crappy time, we all feel the need to let off a bit of steam sometimes, when life shits on us, some people are unable to show any empathy for others, maybe they just have too much of everything!!!! i hope that things get better for you soon,


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thank you for your kind words Sam, and yes, it's amazing to be back down here in the 11s again after more than half my life!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done Cookeh on another good loss. Your losses may slow up as you get closer to your body's natural weight so don't despair.
So sorry to hear about all your hardship at present. Life has a habit if throwing the old curved ball when we least expect it. You are stronger than you think and will come through it all. Thinking of you
Cookeh, i hope things take a turn for the better for you.
Well done on your loss, not only this week but i mean your total loss.
To be totally honest i am in week 4 now and struggling a bit. Not managed a 100% week yet but when i look at people like yourself and Molly you really do give me the encouragement to keep going just by looking at your losses.
Without the people on here to turn to i know that this would be yet another failed attempt on LT.
See, you're more needed than you think lol xx
Well done on your weight loss to date - you are doing so well despite what life is throwing at you. I hope it all improves for you soon xx
Hi Cookeh well done on you loss, 2lb is great,
I'm so sorry about your situation but you sound like one determined lady and I hope everything will turnaround soon for you.

You should be really proud this diet is tough at the best of times I'm not sure I could remain 100% if I had your worries, Well done chick and good luck with everything Big Hugs x
well done on your loss, sorry to hear your having a shitty time we're all here for you if you need to let off some steam :)
well done cookeh, omg life's **** at times hun, stay strong hun well all love you xx


Recovering Cookie Addict
Aww thanks for your support, it means a lot. Life just seems so much harder when you have nobody around you physically :(

Things are not quite going to plan. I'm running into obstacles at every turn. It's hard to stay strong when all you want is a break.

Oh well, nothing else for it but to plod on. Wasn't 100% yesterday although I only ate diet products. Today was better though x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Cookeh, glad to hear today was a better day for you. Stay strong despite the problems you have at present. Focus on yourself for the moment. xx
You are doing so well Hun despite everything you are going through. You are a huge source of inspiration to me. I hope you are still feeling better and you know where we all are if not x x


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks ladies, I tell ya, I just need hugs right now. I'm not even thinking about food as a comfort in this scenario, its too serious, but I'm glad. I just seem to be in limbo. Got some meds from doc to help with the anxiety so hopefully I can start functioning again because I definitely can't carry on in this paralyzed state.

Still awaiting ex tellin me what's happening with money. I hate this uncertainty and feel I can't plan or move on til I know what's what. Soon as I have that answer I can start taking action. Urgh, I swear I hope the karma fairy drops a load on him some time very soon >.<

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