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Woman calls 911 'cos of shortage of Mcnuggets!

I know KD, there are some thickies about.


...we're sinking deeper.
Well that lady mainly wanted a refund which McDonalds wouldn't give her... It wasn't really that they refused to give her nuggets. ... if it was, then it would be ridiculous.

I went to a "related" article:
Calories on the menu in New York restaurants - Telegraph

And totally agree actually! I WANT to see some general calorie advice when I'm out and about! I want to make good choices about what I'm eating at a restaurant or cafe. I wish they'd start introducing this in England.

And Arnold Schwarznegger is THE man!
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/wor...utlets-and-California-outlaws-trans-fats.html ... Yay for trans-fats to be gone!
Calories and carbs in restaurants would be great Minerva.

I totally agree.


Gone fishing
Calories in restaurants would be fab. Bet they'll never do carbs though....well, not unless they decide to reveal everything.

Always wondered why they don't put carb amount on front of packs, like they often do with cals. You often get Cals, Protein, Fat...and that's it. Have to look at the back for carbs :rolleyes:

BTW, did you hear about the lady who phoned 999 because she couldn't find her glasses. D'oh
I think your right about the carbs KD.

BTW, did you hear about the lady who phoned 999 because she couldn't find her glasses. D'oh
My mother phones me ;)


...we're sinking deeper.
You dont seriously think she was justified in calling 911 because she didnt get a refund do you :eek:
ROFL! Of course not! :D

They do have the "traffic light" things on front of packets for fats, sugars, carbs, calories now though which are nice to see. :)
Still... will be a blessing to see that in restaurants.. I went on the McDonald's page a while ago to find out nutrition information and such out of curiousity, it's actually really quite hard to navigate! And you have to read it properly a lot of the time to get to the bottom of the so called "meal" .... disgusting.

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