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Won't eat fruit - need to eat healthily some how...


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Hi there,
My problem isn't so much weight related as it is nutrition related, but I'm starting to rely on fast food and snacks to make up my diet so... I'm worried.

I'm 19 and my parents didn't have the heart to force me to eat food I didn't like as a child.

So - I absolutely hate fruit, and most vegetables except for potatoes and broccoli.

It's the texture - I can't deal with it. I can't bite into anything like peas, grapes, or strawberries without feeling physically sick. Even if I find an onion in a meal I'm eating I start to gag and can't finish it because it feels so slimy and I just think of slugs. Messed up, right? If I ever order a burger at McDonalds and it has gherkins I have to return it.

I once tried jelly and threw up because it was so slimy! It's really starting to get me down, I can't even eat yogurt anymore because the consistency is so thick and gloopy that it makes me gag.

I tried a grape recently, and biting into the skin and feeling a bursting, slimy sensation made me feel even worse, I had to spit it out immediately and was gagging again. Same with melon. Anytime I try fruit it just leads to me gagging. Don't even get me started on bananas.

It's really starting to get me down, health wise. I'm taking lots of multivitamins but I think they're starting to do more harm than good, and I still look as pale as a ghost and have massive bags under my eyes. I think this is because I don't eat healthily, basically, and I'm fed up. I've already been tested for anaemia on more than one occasion and I don't have it, but I basically look like I do. I want to at least look like I have some sort of healthy glow.

I can do fruit juice (orange only) as long as there are no bits, and jam as long as there are no bits, but nothing else...

What should I do? Is this like a fruit phobia? Or just a weird texture phobia? Even the fat on bacon... I can't finish it if there's lots... Lol
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I have the exact same problem as you. I can eat some fruits, practically no vegetables due to taste and texture, but there are ways I can personally get by and I thought I'd share some with you. If it's useful, then great, if not then at least I tried :)

I have a real thing against vegetables that are crunchy. Things like onions and that. When I'm making something that uses onions for example, I tend to chop them really finely as this gives you the flavour without having the crunch. You can either chop the veg into thin pieces if you have time or you can grate it :)

It might also be worth mentioning that I find if I add flavour to something, it makes eating it a bit easier. So instead of having a plain vegetable, I could play around with spices and things, anything that could make it a bit more bearable. It's weird because I refuse to eat plain veg, but when it's got a flavour or something mixed into it, I'll happily eat it, or at least try. Whether that's helpful for you, I don't know but it works for me.

Also, regarding fruit, you could get a hand blender so you can puree the stuff down if you need to. Perhaps you could make your own smoothies? Might be worth looking into if you're able to drink orange juice.

Those are how I do things, but it's down to each individual person in terms of what works for them, only other thing I can say is always try new things and keep an open mind about things you might eat.

I hope this helps :)