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S: 12st7lb C: 10st2.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st4.5lb(18.57%)
I often weigh myself mid-week. Now I know most people disagree with doing this but for me if I see a loss it spurs me on to keep going as it might be bigger at WI and if I see gain/STS I've put it down to my body not 'recognising' it yet, and I know if I stick to SW 100% I see a loss (have done up to now!)
Went on scales this morning - I've lost 4lbs and still have 3 days to go for this week. That's my xmas weight gain off plus another 1lb! It's weird, everytime I have time off plan, I've always lost 4lbs on my first week back on.
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pink lady
S: 16st0lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 1st4lb(8.04%)
Fantastic, well done, i love christmas and the treats, but i also love getting back on track


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S: 18st8lb C: 15st13lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 34.9 Loss: 2st9lb(14.23%)
well done, I always find I have a great first WI when I get back on plan.


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S: 20st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 7st3lb(36.07%)
Thats fab hon!
The reason you lose more after time off plan is that the lbs you gaine d over xmas wasn't all fat, the body also holds more fluid and bloats when you eat unhealthy foods, so you lose this too. Its all good for making the tummy look better lol.


Slow but sure....
S: 22st0lb C: 19st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 55.1 Loss: 2st7lb(11.36%)
Well done, that's excellent.