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Woohooo!! Hello! :D

Ahh, It has been SO frustrating not being able to post the last few days as my laptop is broken (have sneaked onto my sons ;) ) and couldn`t remember my pw until now :rolleyes: lol

I have been trying to keep up with you all, And am sending out wooohooos and :hug99: to all who need them ;)

My weight loss is going slowly :rolleyes: but I guess with being on 1000 plan with PCOS and un Underactive Thyroid, I`m doing "ok".

I am wondering to myself whether I should just go it alone with healthy eating/exercise as I would probably lose roughly the same weight and save myself the £££ but then again, If I stay on the plan, I know I`m getting all my vitamins and minerals.

:sigh: what to do :confused:

Still a big difference between my unoffical WI and my official one. I last weighed myself as 11st 3lbs, But my CDC made me 11st 7lbs. I weigh first thing in the am and my CDC weighs me at 9pm so I`m hoping my unofficial weight is correct ;)

So, Officially, I`m 7lbs down since I started 3 weeks ago. Nowhere near as much as everyone else, But a little off is better than none off right? :D

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

LiSe Xx
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Why Be Normal?
Hi Lise --

Welcome back! I am losing slowly, too. I could probably save money by doing a WW type thing, but you are right on the nutrients and I (personally) have poor portion control and tend to over-induldge. I am much better with a "No" than a "just a little bit".

You are about an inch or so taller than I am -- and I was at 11st 5 on Monday (in my clothes at 10 a.m. at the CDCs). So, I am weighing close to what you weigh. But a what a difference the inch and half of height makes:

I still have about 2 stone to lose, and your goal weight means that you are within a stone of reaching your target. If I was in your shoes -- I'd keep doing what you're doing because it has obviously worked. Then once I reached goal, I'd have a plan for keeping it off (as I think you do).

How are things with Job?



Stubborn tortoise
Hi SS, great to see you back... yay! I'd stay with 1000 too for the nutrients... there are a few of us finding it slower this time around, so you are not alone.