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Wooop Wooop! I stood on the Wii Fit this morning and it said I am now 12st 10lbs! :eek::bliss::party0011::party0011:

I`m in disbelief mode as I`m worried it might be wrong. But I weigh myself on it every morning (yes, I know I shouldn`t :p ) and it`s a big loss so I`m guessing it can`t be THAT wrong? :rolleyes:

It means I`m now OVERWEIGHT instead of OBESE!! and that was my next mini goal after getting into the 12st bracket. So I`ve hit both of my next mini goals at the same time!! :D

I`m now only 8lbs off my original target. But I am going to go for another stone once I reach that and then another stone and I think I will make my ultimate goal 10st - 10st 7lbs.

I`ve been cutting carbs this week, drinking lots of green tea and drinking coconut water. I`ve also been eating a lot less cals (sort of my own version of VLCD) so I think it`s a mix of everything that has made the difference :D

Anyway, No point to this post really. Just wanted to share my happiness! Hope everyone else has a great day :D

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gunna be a fatty for ever
No point to this post???? R u freakkin kidding me! Thats a fab achievement so dont knock it or you'll have me to answer too! lol!

Wooooooop! your so in the zone hun!

:heartpump: ya!

Thanks Hunnie <3

I`m gonna do it this time. I did half of it last year then took a break. Now it`s time to get rid of the last of the podge and start LIVING again :D

You`ll do it too right with me :D :D :D


Well done you :D xxx
Thanks hun!! :D

It`s your turn next!!! ;) I`ve noticed we always match each other in our weight. Not sure if you like Green Tea or Coconut Water? Might be worth giving them a go too if you don`t already? I must admit I don`t like the Coconut Water but it`s mega cheap at 27p for a 330ml can and is sposed to help with metabolism and weight loss etc. You never know!

I`ve just measured my waist and I`ve lost another inch off it too WOOOOOHOOOOO :D

I just hope it lasts! lol :rolleyes:

I`m still debating going on CD as very low cal/cutting carbs seems to really make the difference with my body. On the one hand I seem to be doing ok on my own, but on the other I`m pretty sure I`m not getting all the vitamins etc I need doing it my way so it`s prob better to do CD and know I`m getting everything I need. I would do 810 plan so would still be eating a proper meal every day.

Decisions Decisions...



gunna be a fatty for ever
I have never ever heard of coconut water what is it? lol


Gold Member
well done, and ill second what katie has said, what is coconut water.. sounds yummy
Congrats ladies! :)
Thanks everyone Xxx

I have been a bit rubbish the last few days with my eating as I`ve been too busy which doesn`t lead to wise food choices :rolleyes::( A couple of times this week, I have downed some Haribo sweets and energy drinks as I haven`t had time to eat = BAD BAD BAD!!!

I need to reign myself in on that one! And will have to get off my lard arse and get some more exercise done to try and do some damage limitation :(

Re Coconut Water, Here is some info I found on it -

Health Benefits of Coconut Water - Drinking Coconut Water Benefits

I buy it from Tesco and it is only 27p for a 330ml can




gunna be a fatty for ever
Hope your having a fab time tonite hunny! Sorry i missed you


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