lil miss mummy

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:8855: hee hee!!! Congrats on being normal:rolleyes:- I would like to be normal in both senses at some point but I dont think mentally it is going to happen! :D


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Well done Catz, It really is nice to be classed as normal and not overweight or obese. Won't be long until your at goal.
You go girl!!!!!


nearly there!! :)
LS ya cheeky biddy lol!! thats what my mam said...personally i do think im NORMAL in both senses lol!!

thanks lmm ull be there to in no time!! well in one sense at least haha


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:clap: It must be great to be normal!!!! Well done, just looked at your weekly stats and you've done brilliantly :)


nearly there!! :)
thanks mary xxx
its getting scary only 2 wis left in abstinance!!


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Thats fantastic well done you :D.

Emma xXx


nearly there!! :)
thanks katie i know i shouldnt jinx myself but ive not had a loss lower than 3lb which is amazing!! please everyone touch wood haha

ls think my oh would argue im firey lol love a good aul debate/row!! haha but thank u xxx


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Every time one of you hit your goals, it spurs me on so that I can join you :) Well done and a huge *hug* xx :)


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All this dancing and jumping around you are doing is great exercise (I know you are jumping around like a mad woman you woldnt be normal other wise lol).I went in for quite a bit of roof top shouting when I was normal everyone thought i was mad but no I was normal lol.Enjoy this feeling its better than sex :eek: Stick to the plans they are important and you will be 1 year maintainer before you know it:bliss:


nearly there!! :)
andy u will be there in no time and ill be dancing for u xxx

mandye i refuse to give in now...im gonna be a maintainer and refuse NOT ta get there (im VERY stubborn lol) im so delighted to be where i am ta day. i seen my before pics today...oh my god i look so wide!! oh and get after done next week so gotta decide what ta wear for that lol!!

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Well done Catz on getting to goal (or "normal") so quickly !!!


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Congratulations Catz

You have done so well in such a short time.
Fantastic achievement.
Well done xxxx:bliss::whoopass::bliss::bliss::bliss:

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Wow thats a wonderful achievement - congratulations.:chores016:


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Well done Catz! Nearly time for RTM........ Feels great to be thin for Christmas rather than worrying about starting yet another new year diet doesn't it!


nearly there!! :)
caz its the BEST xmas pressieive EVER given myself. im so glad ill be in rtm for x mas not that i can eat just for me the fact that i did it for the first time in my life ill be smaller than ive been since bout 10years old...its amazing!! :)


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Fantastic! Well done. xx:D