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I love going to festivals in the summer and where I live the nearest one is Rock Ness, we went this year and my friends were wearing Hunter wellies in bright pink they wore them with a little dress or denim skirt and top. I was quite jealous, they looked really cute and I was padding about in pumps. I tried on their boots and my calves were having NONE of it! (Why they make them so slim is beyond me) Anyway its been raining her loads latley and i have been wearing my ugg boots and they are gettng wreaked so I decided to buy myself some of the "Festival" Hunter boots I really wanted and keep them to fit into it. They arrived today and I LOVE them. Tried them on and my legs are not oozing over the side they look brill!! I am sitting here wearing them as I type, a bit sad but I dont care. Next year ill be dragging them to all the festivals!! YAY

Tmrw I am going on a big forest walk just so I can wear them out!
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That's wicked Em! I know exactly how you feel, I had to deal with my walking boots last year at V festival because I could not find any wellies that would fit my chubby little legs.
I had to wear my walking boots. Which was not so great as anyone who went to V2008 will tell you, it was less like a field and more like a mud bath! So my feet were filthy!
Can't wait til August. I'll be strutting around in my wellies with the rest of them! No more soggy feet for me!

B x


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Bekimo! LMAO at your pic! Hahaha - awww, not ideal! You're going to be little miss cool calm collected in your sexy wellies next time round - fab! x