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Wopy doo wi day

Hi everyone got weighed and and lost six pounds, which im gratefull for but to be honest i am gutted.I cried when i got home. I did ww last year and up until jan 09 this year, and i lost 7 pounds in the first week, so to lose six without eating and not going out and not eating with my kids, has been really hard. I ate half a flapjack ( my homemade ones not LT ) last nite and was so scared of putting weight on that i made myself sick, which really scared me. I didn't pick up anymore shakes as i wanted to think about what i want to do, i have decided to go back to ww, now im scared to eat anything in case i put weight on after not eating last week, so im just going to eat smaller portions this week and if i put weight on them so be it. Huge thanks to you all for all the motivation, i feel like i have let everyone down on here. The greatest admiration for all you who have stuck to it x
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I understand your disappointment , but please please don't make yourself sick again I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how bad this is for you x


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Sorry to hear you were disapointed honey! 6lbs is fantastic loss. I was told by the pharmacy not to expect a huge loss like a lot of people as ive already been dieting so it wont be as much of a shock to the system. WW wouldnt work for me as im not strict enough so I had to take the temptation of food out the way for awhile. Im going to miss eating with the kids too :( Good Luck with whatever you decide to do x


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It sounds to me as if you are in the guilt cycle... loose weight, put it on, feel guiltier, loose weight with lipotrim, back to weight watchers, guilt, not wanting to eat, guilt, eating, guilt....
It really isnt healthy atall and you are right to take some time out.... no matter what diet you are on you are not going to loose all the weight in one week... and if you do go in and out of ketosis more than probably you will put weight on.. so you have to find out in yourself which way you want to go... Lipotrim can only be done if you stick ridgidly to the rules, otherwise you can end up in a worse bind than you started... making yourself sick seems to me like you have a very bad view of yourself and your self esteem needs working on as you are worth more than the guilt and the feelings of failure... you cannot allow yourself to feel so guilty of eating that you are making yourself sick as this could easily turn into a very dangerous illness, where you will get physically and mentally ill.... I think you should take a step back from the dieting and find out what you want to do to make you feel batter about yourself, not weight related, and when you do, go back and address the weight issues.. hope you feel better soon x


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Hiya, i fully understand how you must feel and I think you should pat yourself on the back for getting through a week. the upside is it will be like you have been on a detox so you wont fell hungry between your meals. You havent let anyone down. You did good and you should be proud of yourself for getting this far x
Try not to give up Ali, 6lb is a good loss. T
Maybe try to increase your water intake, that always boosts your loss. You have been full of eagerness and determination this week, think about giving it another shot, if you can make it past 1 week you will be able to continue... x
Hi thanks for all your lovely comments, i have spent half the day crying and feeling guilty, but i need to do whats best for me, i wish i could have done it for longer but i cant x


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hiya please dont be disheartened I understand what your saying about WW however with LT depending on how much you have to lose you could be losing this each week, which you wouldn't do on WW

Hang in the results will surprise you
Hi thanks for all your lovely comments, i have spent half the day crying and feeling guilty, but i need to do whats best for me, i wish i could have done it for longer but i cant x
Well done on being 6lb lighter.
At the end of the day you have to do what is best for you. You have given it your best shot. LT isn't for everyone hun.


Here we go again!
Aww, sorry to hear LT isn't for you. I wish you all the best for whatever you choose to do and hope that you get to your goal!


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Ahhh Ali, I feel for you, please don't feel that you're letting anyone down on here...I'm sure most of us have been there bought the T-yshirt a zillion times. As a self confessed yoyo dieter I can empathise with everything you've written!! I felt the same at my 4lb loss and then 3lb the 2nd week, just consoled myself that if I was doing ww/sw I would lose that then the following week put a couple of pounds back on then half pound off and so on!!! I Just wanted to wish you all the best, you seem a lovely person from your posts on here! I'm sure if you need a rant/cry/laugh we would welcome you on here with open arms! Take care, Rache x
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just do whats best for you love dont make yourself ill

best of luck


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That is a good loss chick!!

I understand your disappointed though... Good luck with what ever you decide to do!!

Keep us posted xxx

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