Words of comfort and encouragement please!!


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Hi all, just got back from WI and feeling that slightly down in the dumps feeling about my loss this week of 1/2 lb! I'm usually the first to congratulate people and say that 1/2 lb is 1/2 lb and it's still a loss etc etc but I'm now feeling in need of some of those encouraging words back!! I know it's the right direction, but I've been sticking to it 100% and haven't even strayed once! I know it could be because it's my *week coming up but I need someone to make me feel better!! Pleeeaze!!X
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Heather, You sound really down about your loss....I say it again your LOSS. It's 0.5lbs and that is really is good. Try and think positive, why don't you take your measurements and maybe that will cheer you up. Looking at the weight you have lost since you started you should be so pleased with yourself....well done and keep up the good work.


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I agree with Sue--measurements do make a bigger difference. The lady next to me today lost only 1/2lb although she says she can feel her pants are loose on her this week. You are doing great and should be proud of yourself. Thanks for keeping us all motivated :)


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You have a achieved a great loss of 21.5lbs to date, and no doubt you have worked hard to lose each and every single ounce ….all 344 of them….be very proud! The weight you LOST this week is better off than on, and we just need to remind ourselves that some weeks we’ll lose lots of ounces, some weeks we lose a few and other weeks we may stay the same, but each loss, no matter how large or small, is a step closer to our final goal. So dust off your shoes, shoulders backs, chin up and continue taking steps to wherever it is you want to go… you have lots of travel companions holding your hand along the way …xxx

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well done on your loss, half a pound is great, better than staying the same, if you've been very good it'll maybe catch up next week and get more than you think, i find it sometimes works that way.
i'm off to get weighed in a minute, i'm gonna tell them all about this site cos i think its so helpful and inspiring


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Hev my darling did you know - 8 sausages = 1lb

Therefore you have lost 172 sausages...try putting that in your basket at the supermarket and you will see how heavy that is!!!

Lots of love xxx
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Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
Haha trust you to come up with something random like that!! Hehe! Love it! I can't wait to see the look on the faces of the Tesco staff when I fill my trolley with sausages!! They'll be thinking 'no wonder she's fat'!! Hehe!! Anywayz thanks for that little snippet of info!! Actually in all seriousness I bought a honeydew melon the other day! It was heavy so I weighed it at home and it was 3lb! I imagined holding 7 of them and wowzers, that was an incredible thought that that much weight has gone!! Where, I don't know, but it's gone (I doubt if it got into Heaven though evil git! LOL!)XXX