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words of enouragement to help me get back on it after bad bad weekend please !!!!

Hi everyone hope you all doing ok and coped with easter weekend :)
I had a planned weekend off , although did have much more chocolate than I planned and know its gonna be a tough few days getting back into ketosis so could I please have some encouraging words from you all :)

I had a lovely weekend although hated the feeling of being over stuffed again and am glad to be getting back to it today , I know I am going to have a hell of a headache etc as has sooo much sugar and carbs .... so its a matter of battling through !! Did anyone else have an indulgent weekend or did you all abstain ???

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hello :) i had a planned break sat where i ate a mcdonalds, steak and chips and lots of alcohol but no choc gosh whats wrong with me lol!! but then yest came down with a stomach bug so havent moved from the loo lol.so im going to have to get back into ketosis but cant even bare to drink water at mo!

the feeling of being full up i hated! so cant wait to get back into ketosis! good luck im sure youl be fine your losses are amazing!!!


This is the last time!!
Good luck, you've done really really well so far, so you know you can do it!

Friday evening I had a veggie burger at Mcd's - didn't enjoy it but glad I had it all the same as it scratched an itch and now I don't yearn for it (if that makes sense?). I also 'accidentally' had a small kinder egg on Saturday, as well as a SS+ meal of chicken and cucumber. 100% since then with plenty of water. Surprised I managed 5 weeks and 2 days before I gave in to temptation, but sooooooooooo proud that I didn't kick the ass out of it and go on a mad binge.

Off to the UK for a week in the morning and know that I will be able to SS or SS+ easily and ignore temptation.

Crack on with it, you've achieved so much already, focus on your end goal and before you know it, you'll be there!
Good luck on getting back on track. You have done sooooo well so far so I am sure your great achievement will help get you back on the wagon!!

Today and tomorrow will probably be the hardest days but as ya know its possible to do :D:D

I am having a planned break the weekend after next... not the whole weekend just parts of it and I am already a bit worried about getting back on track on the Sunday....... eeeeek!!!

Hope today goes well for ya xxx


hoping for a good loss
All the best chick. I will feel your pain over the next few days as I too was off plan this weekend and induldged in food and some choc. Is going to be a struggle I feel

All the best. Charlie xx


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I had fri and sat off which included fish and chips, pizza, alcohol, curry, easter egg, crips, cadburys creme egg (got weighed on friday and had 3lb post hol gain on so should have been better but drowned by sorrows instead!). scales were terrible tomorrow morning and had a stern word with myself in the morning to say get a grip and yesterday was one of the first perfect days have had for a while without any nibbling etc. Felt really tired and was in bed by 9.30pm but feel so much better this morning and less bloated and this has reminded me why I love CD! So fingers crossed will have another good day today (so far so good) and once we rack up a few good days dont you find it so much easier! So put the weekend behind you, you enjoyed it and remember how good it makes you feel when you have had the day you wanted! good luck!

you'll do it i'm sure that you'll get back into the swing and hopefully getting into ketosis won't affect you too bad.

i stuck to my diet all through this weekend. we were away at my hubby's parents and i have to say it is hard! there was a load of tasty food as my MIL bakes, she'd got lovely food in for everyone and easter eggs for the kids, then the wine of an evening with the crisps :eek:. then when we came home hubby and my parent's and the kids had a takeout.

so, so, so, so hard. i managed it though. i'm desperate to get to goal and it can't come quick enough for me to tell you the truth. i think it's cause i can SEE it... it's so close now.


Great things - I am with you!! Had a completely cheat-free weekend although it was very hard. I went to Sainsburys today and loads of eggs half-price and cheaper - would have usually bought some but today just bypassed that isle. It is going to be very hard for a few weeks but hopefully the reward will be good!

All the best for all of you getting in to ketosis!!



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Katie - I stuffed myself like never before! Looking back, starting just before the Easter weekend was rather dumb, but it's over now and today I am going to enjoy getting detoxed and back to feeling like my body is a healthy one and not just a lump!
Think of how good you will feel once you are back on track!
Good luck!


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I held strong despite going back home to see all my friends and family for the first time in a while (compliments were nice! :) never uesd to get them!) I survived a buffet that would have fed the 5000, a trip to the chippy for my dad and sister, a night out pubbing and clubbing all without a a passing thought of cheating! I'm so proud! Sunday was awkward as my mum cooked an epic roast (lamb -my favourite) but i joined them at the table with my tiny tuna salad that left me feeling full :) Hopethat doesn't count as cheating! I'm on SS and that's the one and only time i have had anything that wasn't on the plan! weigh in on friday after 2 weeks so fingers crossed for a good loss - wanna lose 2 more stone and then start working up the plans and hopefully lose the last stone along the way! :)


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Hiya Hunni

Mark a line under it... I am on day 1 too so we can do it together - you have done so well and know that it can be done .... come on we can do this...

you'll do it no problem. just focus and concentrate and get that mind going in gear with your mojo, determination and willpower.

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