Working and eating around school times?


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HellI all.

So I need just a little advice or tips to what works when setting meal times. I work school hours so I can eat breakfast same time easy, but I don't get a lunch break at work meaning by time I have finished work and done school run. I get home at 4 and I'm starving! :eating:

Before SW it would be chocolate a latte, followed by a crisp sandwich. Then dinner about 7. But now I can't do that. I get home had a green tea and cooked dinner. It gets to 8:30/8:45 im hungary agian!!! Well yeah I missed lunch and it's too late to eat now!

Shouldn't I do dinner straight away or make a late lunch meaning a later dinner...also went over my syns due to having quark cheesecakes thing. (used healthy 'a' in morning)

Any advice?
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Are you 'starving' or just think your hungry? And are you really hungry at 8.30 pm or just want not need something.

Have a snack when you get home and have your dinner later.


S: 14st2.0lb C: 13st9.0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.54%)
my tummy is rumbling by time I get home, Next week I need to rethink my food shop. I made sure i was ok for meals but didn't buy for snacks. Its only week 1 and first weigh in is next week, so like you said have a snack then dinner later. Time bulk up on veg sticks and hummus.



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Hi, teacher here. I Shake in the mornings, before tutor times, take a handful of keto friendly snacks for what break and lunch there is (although I'm usually working through, it's often out of sight of the kids), snack when I get home when I needed it, dinner 6 - 6:30. But as the plan has toddled on, I'm less hungry during the day as I'm too flippin' busy. I'm not a bit breakfast eater, but have to compromise to make up for a light lunch...


S: 14st2.0lb C: 13st9.0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.54%)
I work in school/nursery so as you already know its busy. I have breakfast this morning and when I got home I made an omelette with free foods then natural yogurt for pudding As I said to previous replay I need to plan my snacks more and main meals. I only get to eat breakfast and dinner properly so I need to plan times and pre-ready meals so when I get home at 4pm I'm just reheating and not slamming cupboards as I cant finds a chocolate within my syns.

This is my first week, so first weigh in is next Monday. its all about learning and getting the routine. and as you said you have become less hungry lets hope my tummy gets use to the new way.