Working and energy!?


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I actually quit drinking caffeine a few weeks before I started CD and after I hit Keto, I had enough energy to put me through the whole day! And I slept better too. Be optimistic :)


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You do get an energy burst around the 2nd to 3rd week of cd, which is a fab feeling! Can you not begin cd before you start back at work? It might benefit you. The first 3 days can be very difficult, not just hunger wise but feeling a little rough too (headache, nausea etc) Saying this, some people get into ketosis with no problems.

Personally I wouldn't risk it.

Maybe try cutting out carbs in your diet at the moment. I have heard many people swear by this method, as it reduces the effects of getting into ketosis.

When do you hope to begin, how much do you have to loose? (being nosey! Just want to get to know all the newbies :) )

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