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Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by NewYearxNewMe, 9 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    What is some good music to work out too? :)
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  3. Just Peachy

    Just Peachy Slowly But Surely

    Well depends what sorts of things you're into but here's some stuff that's on my workout playlist:

    Franz Ferdinand
    The Hives
    Green Day
    The White Stripes
    The Clash
    The Beatles
    Bob Dylan
    The Apples in Stereo
    Death from Above 1979

    It's all fun/upbeat/rock/punk/indie-ish stuff, not for everyone but does the trick for me :)
  4. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    I reckon the best music to work out to are your own personal favourites. Put some music on that you like and your workout is done in no time.

  5. KookieDoh

    KookieDoh Ugly duckling going Swan.

    I second Apples in stereo! Love them! I also like Cursor Miner, CSS, and Chromeo for working out to. You could also try Tiga and Felix Da Housecat if you like doing high impact stuff and like a strong baseline to work with.
  6. clairex

    clairex Silver Member

    Pussycat Dolls are good! Britney, Justin, Calvin Harris, 3oh!3, Anything that is going to make you move faster, feel good and keep you going! I love anything upbeat, pop-py. Go through your music list/itunes, and make a playlist :) Good luck!xxxxx
  7. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    Great songs haha :)
  8. Just Peachy

    Just Peachy Slowly But Surely

    KookieDoh, yay, Apples in Stereo lover!

    Any chance you know Neutral Milk Hotel, they're part of the same collective of bands.
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  9. KookieDoh

    KookieDoh Ugly duckling going Swan.


    I may have heard of them.....:D

    I also like Stereo Total, Architecture in Helsinki, Cake, and Little Joy! If any of those float your boat, you have amazing taste! :D
  10. Just Peachy

    Just Peachy Slowly But Surely

    Omg I love Two Headed Boy, especially part 2. They're my third favourite band.

    I love Architecture in Helsinki and Cake! Fashion Nugget is just timeless to me. Aw, well done you for liking good stuff.
  11. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    Oh i've never heard of a few of these before will need to listen to them :D
  12. Shetland Lass

    Shetland Lass Full Member

    I just bought a 5CD box called 101 Running Songs which has a great mixture on there and saves you having to make up your own mixes I guess.
  13. Calamity

    Calamity Member

    I've got lots of cheesy 80s stuff on mine, Footloose, Jump, Eye of the Tiger. It's so fun :D

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