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Works Night Out - HELP!!!

Hi Guys, Work's night out on Friday. Won't cost me a penny...and not often our team get treated.

Just got the menu choices through. I can pick what I want, but there is no guarentee I'll get it, because its going on the majority vote :(

But would like a help choosing....

1. Chilli and rice.
2. Hotpot and red cabbage.
3. Chicken curry and rice.
4. Steak an ale pie and chips.
1. Traditional apple and cinnamon crumble served with custard.
2. Rich bread and butter pudding served with sauce anglaise.
3. Treacle sponge pudding with custard.

Drinks are also free.
Should I just write it off as a treat and enjoy myself but without going overboard? Or should I really try and stick to the plan?


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When I go out for special occasion which its sounds as if it is I tend to eat what I like and start afresh next day with lower syns and try have a lot of super free foods as I can that week I have found it dosnt affect my losses and if I stay the same well its a bonus (as long as you make sure you have a good night )

I find if I have a wee blow out now and again it helps me stay on track
Thanks monkey...thats what I think I will do!

Just wanted other peoples experiences and opinions.

So thanks xx
I asked something similar last week but about drinking, the thing that really really worked for me was to drink spirits with diet mixers (and slip a diet drink in between each alcoholic drink) that way you dont feel left out ;-)
Remember you still have to enjoy yourself, coming off plan a bit for a night will never be the end of the world :)


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Can't help you with the choices as I don't really know what the healthier of them are...but what I can advise you is before you go out for the meal to have superfree food, so that way if you do go a bit overboard it won't have such a big impact. Also you may want to save up most of your syns for the drinks!!!
I went out for a meal on Saturday and was quite flexible with the syns but made a few adjustments if i could. For example i had vodka and diet coke instead of wine and didn't have any bread as usually i would have had loads! Lost 2 so it didn't affect my weight loss too much. (I also made sure i walked a bit more than usual for a few days leading up to the night out)
Good luck - enjoy yourself whatever you choose to do x

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