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Worlds Best Diet


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Oh my goodness 10sts 6lbs is what I want to diet down to.....will I still be overweight at that weight then!!!! The mind boggles...


10st 6 is over weight........ OH MY GOD. im with donnie and this about the weight i would idealy like to get to, so will i still be classed as over weight??? :(
I remember once watching a show quite similar and it said that Brad Pitt and George Clooney are both obese. ! ! !
I really think they need to re-evaluate the BMI thing...... it seems so old and dated, and NOT RIGHT
I watched it too. I'm guessing all they care about is if the bmi is over 25 or not? I too think it shouldn't really be classed as over weight as an official term but I'm no health professional either!


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We couldn't get any reception on our tv last night, (always happens in really good weather!) I'll have to watchit on catchup. After I get a good dose of sun!


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Well I just finished watching this and I have mixed opinions. I for one can certainly not fly all over the world to sample different cultures take on food as much as I'd like to. You have to bear in mind the climate and lifestyle as well as food.

Secondly with regards to their weight/bmi, using your weight for height and bmi alone wont be accurate everytime, but looking at that little receipt they had looked like it showed, weight, height, muscle mass, fat mass, water mass etc., she also measured their waists; which is a good indicator as if your muscle mass in high and therefore weigh more, you waist should still be in a healthy region for your height.

I look forward to the next part so I can formulate some opinions!!
I missed this...is it worth catching up on tinternet?

I think the basic BMI thing has been generally agreed as not that accurate a guide to obesity...as Squiddie mentioned, other measurements need to come into play.
I started the diet when I was 10 stone 7 and I was classed as overweight. I am 5 foot 3 and I do think that I am too heavy for my size. However, I have a friend who is a couple of inches taller than me, but weights 12 stone. She is very slim and well proptortioned, but her BMI would still class her as overweight.

According to the BMI the weight I was before Uni (when I put the weight on) was underweight, but I ate healthy meals and looked in proportion.

The BMI doesn't consider muscle weight or differences in build. I don't trust it :p


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I watched it, and will be interested in the results.

At home several times we have done an 'Indian week' - all food, 3 meals a day for 7 days, healthy Indian style (just like they are showing). Both times I have done this we have had great weight losses ... I wondered if the chilli sped up my metabolism, and wow, I have never eaten so many onions!


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I'm the same as Lady Mhoram, I'm 10 5 and I'm overweight. I'm 5' 3", and 9 9 is the top of my healthy weight range for someone of my frame. So it wasn't troly wrong. I'm going to try and find it on itv player tomorrow for a nosey.
gonna watch it now on catch up



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i think bmi is ok for a rough guide i know body builders and gym instructors that are classed as obese and to be honest it's all muscle so it's a tough one to call.


I started the diet when I was 10 stone 4 and I was told by my doctor i was overweight, after going to see him for water retention, I am 4 foot 10 inches and I do think that I was too heavy for my height, Thanks for the link Natt.:)

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