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Worried about gaining weight on holiday

Hi, im off on holiday on the 20th of march with my 2 children and im really worried about gaining weight!
Ive lost nearly 3 stone since january and have never weighed what i am now since i was a teenager!
i only go away once a year with my kids and i like to make it as special as possible for us all
I told my cdc that i would be having a week off and he was fine about it but i just dont want to come back having put loads of weight on.
I feel like im gonna get back off holiday and find it hard to get back on track after putting weight on?
Has any1 else had a week off and if so how much weight did you put back on?

Thanks :sigh:
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Hiya hon,

If you have a week off without doing steps up you will gain some weight. Don't worry though, most of it will be food being inside you (lets face it, nothings in there during SS) and glycogen (water retention due to eating carbs).

My advice would be to try and stay low carb, will make getting back into ketosis easier and will lessen the possible damage.

I spoke to my CDC and she said to still have the shakes while I was away if I could because then I would be less hungry for the food that I ate and still eat less.

I'm new to this though, only my second week so I know nothing really.

Have a fantastic holiday though and congratulations on your amazing weight loss.



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Well, you have a few options.

1) Take shakes etc and stick on plan=come home with a weight loss
2) Eat low carb food = come home with probably a STS or a loss

Or a mixture of the two above.

3) practice maintenance.

I know my last few holidays have been very different to my previous ones. 'Before' a lot of focus was on the food. Where are we going to eat, what are we going to eat and oh yes...guess we need to do something inbetween mealtimes, so what can we eat when we are doing it :D

Now it's much more of "Oh heck...just realised I'm hungry..lets grab a bite and ooohhhh lets go and see X straight after"

When we stop to eat, I enjoy. I pick what I really want, but often share 'pudding' or nick a little bit off each persons plate :D It's really enough.

If we are out doing something and the others are eating while they are doing it, I don't assume that I must eat. It doesn't matter if I don't. Before having someone near me eating, was a cue for me to eat. Sort of like it gave me permission.

It's a whole focus change. Never realised holidays could be so much fun without so much food :D
I will be going on my hols in August and hopefully will be near my target then.

I will prob have breakfast & lunch as a cd shake then for evening meal eat food but i will keep it low carb and eat childrens size portions too.


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Im going on holiday in may all inclusive (such big temtations) im really worried as i dont wont to eat to much as i will only be 9 weeks in . i booked this holiday before i started cd. I feel i no longer wont to go


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I am going to new York in september/ October and I will be not worrying about the diet. I won't go crazy but will enjoy myself as I have wanted to go there my whole life. That's my personal opinion, enjoy yourself, stick to low carb if you want to!
Great advise KD, I agree with combining your shakes with low carb meals, sounds like a good compromise. My only fear is that a lot of these grilles meats come with all sorts of sauces and one can't know whether there's flour or wine or any other form of carb in it!


can see the end in sight!
thank you! Any New York tips? We are staying in a budget hotel so am looking for inexpensive must sees! X
I was worried about my holiday coming up on the 20th of April, I asked my CDC about it and he said it was fine, just take a maintenance week and ENJOY YOURSELF! I plan to do that alright! I won't go overboard but as I will be being quite active (center parcs) all week (actually, it's only 4 nights) I hopefully (fingers crossed!!!) won't put anything on.. that's all I ask!!!

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