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Worried about my digestive system on TFR


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It shouldn't pack up - biologically your digestive tract will still be performing peristalsis (wave movements to get the waste through) and as long as you are getting enough fluids then your body won't be taking them out of any waste so that should help prevent constipation. And there will be waste produced because your body won't absorb everything from the shakes.

I know you are allowed some supplements to help if you need. I haven't needed them so far but from reading some of the other posts different people use different things.

Hope that helps!
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xx Cathy xx

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I've been a little concerned too, I'm not constipated as I'm mainlining water and peppermint tea but when I do go I get really griping abdominal pains that make me feel really sick. Its only a couple of times a week but it made me late for work this morning!
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i go to the bathroom but not as much either. although i do i feel better when i do. its feels rather odd, neone get my drift?


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I have to say I've not been too great these past few days...there's definitely something strange going on in those regions. Stomach making very strange noises (not hunger!), and I'm extremely bloated. Its not particularly pleasant. However I'm not constipated...the entrolax the other night sorted that one out!
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Im more worried as I have another 18 weeks to go and i thought that food passing thru your system cleaned it out?
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I think regardless of wether you are constipated or the other way you are recommended to take husks or fibre supplement to not get a lazy bowel, thats what my pharmasist told me anyway... x hths
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I decided to now after doing two full weeks of TFR and I have lost a stone to eat a small plate of 100g skinless chicken (150cals) green veg small amount about (30cals) so around 180cals I measure this carefully, so i have only two servings of lipotrim and a small meal, it only adds an extra 40cals on my daily calorie intake. I know the reason why people aren't suppose to eat is because it could lead to overeating but savory food has never been my problem, it has always been sweet foods that have lead to me overeating, i could eat cakes biscuits and chocolate til i am sick, after two weeks the craving has disappeared :) anyway i am not writing this to stumble anyone, this has been a personal decision and should not influence anyone. Just the thought of husks yuck and fibre supplements, I know I wouldn't take. Anyway i am trying this for the next week until weighin and if it makes me gain weight etc I will go back to just TFR :)

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