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Worried about Uni!!!


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Hi everyone, I was wondering if any fellow Slimming world dieters could share some advice...
I've lost around 3 1/2 stone overall and my target is to reach my target goal for when I go away in September. I've already changed a lot as a person and gained so much needed confidence for the big move :D but now I am seriously worried...
Lots of people have commented on the dreaded "uni weight" and told me to watch out! Apparently everyone gains weight at uni. I've sorta assured myself I'll be okay- I have quite a lot of willpower and I'm catered- and have checked that the uni has lots of healthy options available so I don't slip up. But I'm worried for the inevitable amount of alcohol I may consume and I want to be able to enjoy myself without worrying I'm going to suddenly gain tons of weight :sigh: I've worked so hard for this!
Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone here do SW at university? Is it really that difficult to maintain a diet as a student? Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated- of all the things I should be worried about moving away, I don't want my weight to be one of them!
Thanks xxx
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I found that i was more active when i was at uni so it counteracted the booze. In fact, i put on most of my weight when i left uni & spent 8 hours a day sat at a desk.

The fact you are in catered halls will help. Usually all meat is halal, which tends to be leaner anyway in my experience, and portion control will be fair eaay too. They will always have salad & veg available. So
I wouldn't worry too much unless you find yourself gaining.

Have a great time &enjoy yourself as much as possible! Uni was my fav time x


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I didn't gain any (more) weight when I went to uni, partly because I enjoyed cooking and partly because without parents to give me lifts I was walking everywhere.

A lot of people gain as they go from home cooked nutritional meals to convenience foods as they've never cooked before. You've got this sorted and know how to cope.

The alcohol is one of the things you might need to learn to adapt to. You could join a sports group for a bit of body magic and it's great for making friends too.Good luck!


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Also make sure you find a group near uni. There'll probably be loads of students there as it's near the halls and good to meet people in the same situation.


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Its definitely the beer thats the problem :( I still have that problem now as a mature student even though Im a grown-up living in my own flat and cooking my own food :D Im on holiday now but during term time we inevitably end up in the bar drinking while we chat. I dont have a solution to that, I just try and let myself only do it once a week, which is probably going to be pretty impossible as a fresher. All I can suggest is sticking to the healthy eating and going to the gym, which will probably be cheap or free for you. Walk everywhere. Eat beans, lots and lots of beans, theyre all you can afford anyway:D Also try to drink less synful stuff such as vodka and diet coke instead of beer. Beer is bad, bad, bad :(

But most of all have fun! Its the best time of your life! :)


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Well I'll be honest- I put on about 1.5 stone of the 2.5 I lost doing SW in my first year.
Partly that was because there wasn't a group near enough to my house that I could walk to. But I've now discovered there's a bus that goes right outside :p
Anyway, that was all my fault for then thinking "oh well, I'll be naughty this week, and get back to it next week" because I knew nobody had to see the scales change :(
I just wasn't motivated enough. Now however, I've joined online and lost 7lbs in 4 weeks, and hopefully will lose that extra stone by the time I go back. Doing it online is preparing me for not going to a group when I go back. I'm in a better place mentally now, so I'm not anticipating gaining during second year!
It's an individual thing, everyone deals with things differently- I just didn't do it in the right way :(
If you want it to work, it will :) I just wasn't determined enough. Good luck, and as people have said, try to find a local group, the help will be so useful :) xxx


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S: 15st5lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 3st10lb(24.19%)
Thanks for sharing everyone
Sio yeah I agree I have a lot more nutritional know-how than most people my age anyway- friends who can't understand how they've gained weight at university are asking me for advice :p and I've been basically cooking my own meals for the past few years now- full time working mother and all that- so I think if I'm sensible I'll be okay. I'm expecting to gain on freshers week- but I should be able to get back to a normal routine after that. Finding a SW group at uni is a great idea something my group leader also recommended so I'll be doing that too.

From what everyone has said so far I can gather it's a case of "fail to prepare, prepare to fail" so I'll be making some plans before I go :D


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I put on 4.5 st in uni because I fell pregnant. I can't say I'd advise it, it was hard work completing with a baby!

Enjoy uni, you will have an amazing time. You will probably live on baked potatoes and value pasta. Make sauces in batches and freeze portions. I wish I'd known about Sw 9 years ago when I started uni.

Good luck and enjoy.


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with the alcohol remember you don't have to be completely trashed to have fun, just enjoy one or two and try to choose the better options spirits and diet mixers rather than beer or alcopops. alternate between a vodka and diet coke and the next just a diet coke to eek it out a bit people won't know you've only got a straight drink. sip your drink slowly to make it last longer.
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I'm off to uni in September and I still have a long way to go. Plus as part of my course I'll be doing shift work and have a waaaaay longer term.
However, I'm going to join a local group when I head down there so I still have my weekly weigh ins and image therapy. I'm also near enough tee-total so when I do drink it will only be one or two then lots of diet coke. Sadly I can't drink the more slimming friendly alcoholic drinks as I drank waaaay to much of them in the past and got pretty ill. Now the taste of them makes me want to puke.


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I put on loads of weight in my first year of uni but that was due to suddenly going out 3-4 nights per week and a terrible diet! In my second and third year I started doing Weight Watchers with a housemate and we both lost weight successfully while still never missing nights out so it can be done! Back then on the old points plan we used to eat less so we could drink more but there's so much free food on SW that that isnt a problem. I would agree with what everyone has said about choosing 'the right drinks' like spirits and diet mixers, and then just try and stay out of the habit of having a takeaway before you go home! even if you eat something when you get in it probably won't be as bad as chips/pizza/kebab! If I couldnt resist takeaway I'd have chicken shish kebab with salad and no sauce ;)


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Hi hun:) I started uni 10 years ago this sept.

I was in catered halls and I'd imagine things have changed but they served us all sorts of junk including turkey twizzlers! I never ate them btw. There was also a salad option everyday and baked potatoes.

I went out about 4 nights a week and drank nearly every night but I didn't really gain weight due to lots of walking and dancing. I found that when I moved closer to uni that I gained due to not walking as much. I upped my exercise when I realised and lost plenty by walking into town (45 mins) and not catching the bus.

My real weight gain started when I moved in with my now husband, so I did sw the first time in 2005 and lost 3.5 st. Over the last 6 years and after pregnancy I gained around 6 st. So here I am back again.

I think if you are focused and you want to succeed you will:)

Best of luck at uni, you will have a blast! Especially in the week long party that is fresher's week. I loved uni, it was truely the happiest few years of my life!


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My old woman advice would be to decide not to drink alcohol, you won't have a bad head,do anything you can't remember,eat a kebab on the way home or gain more weight. You can have fun without drinking,save money and brain cells for uni work.
Alcohol has never really agreed with me much so it's easy for me,but I do think it's a wrong route to take,and if you have all this will power starting ff decoding not to drink,seems easier than trying to give up in three months x good luck x


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i'm currently at uni and have lost nearly a stone and a half :)
hasnt done anything bad to meee!


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same situation come september, i lost alot of weight in the first year (Due to not having big family meals), 2nd year i kept my weight constant. Been with slimming world during the placement year and dreading going back.

Things i think are important when at university:

- Cupboard "Staples" - Make sure you're stocked up on the basic ingredients for meals like Pasta,Plum Tomatoes(Mix with Fry lighted onions for a pasta sauce), Baked Beans etc. It will curb the hunger strikers you might have. Dont stock up on the synned foods as you'll always have the urge to eat.

- Alcohol. Best advice has been given already, if you cant avoid it, use the trick of having a soft drink in between the spirit shots and mixer. Red Bull is not your friend in this case. I've been told that Gin is the lowest caloric spirit (but accoridng to books they are all similar syns). So mite try a Gin and Diet Coke. I was part of the Rugby Soc during the first 2 years and the level of drinking was extreme, so try and make sure you're in control of what you are drinking.

- Eating Out. I never did SW at Uni, so takeways were a staple diet in the 2nd year. But be clever when you eat out. I try to lean towards nandos as their chicken without skin is practically syn free along with rice and corn on the cob (EE). There's a subforum for eating out syns, so if you can ahead, you'll be at an advantage.

- Superfree Foods. I'm lazy when it comes to eating fruit at university. It would just sit there. So i bought steam bags of vegetables and as they cook 1-2mins in a microwave, it can be added to meals instantly. If you can pick up reduced vegetables at supermarkets, you can always make Soup (Depends if you like it)

- Transport. At University, if you are living out, you are most likely to be walking around or taking the uni bus. On night outs, if there's a group of you and the weather isn't rubbish, walking to the club can save on money and the walk does you good aswell. More likely it will be to and fro University/Library.

-Food Shopping. If you are splitting the costs with housemates, try and urge the hmates to foods that are SW friendly. It still means you can share meals etc but you wont have to feel bad about it. If you shop on an individually basis, be wary of fresh items. They can be expensive compared to their frozen counterparts. Frozen Fruits come to mind, if you fancy a fruit salad, it doesnt take to long to defrost. This was my downfall, buying fresh and then not using the items and having to dispose.

I Hope this Helps


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