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Worried about weigh in


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Hi Guys

I've been doing slimming world for 5 weeks now and have managed to shift 15lbs. Very chuffed. I had a really big loss last week of 4.5lb but have put this down to being ill in bed for four days and not really eating very much (bar the odd small bowl of scrambled egg). This has got me really worried for this week. I know you shouldn't weigh in between official weigh ins but I did and my scale says I have put on 6lbs!!:cry:

I haven't cheated or come off the rails this week but I've not felt like I've lost weight and the dreaded scales have now made me feel worse!

Has anyone else ever really felt they haven't lost but still pulled it out on the night. I'd be happy with any loss tomorrow or even a STS but I'm just convinced that I have gained. I've tried to have loads of super speed foods today and will try the same for lunch tomorrow. My exercise has been reduced because I've been ill. Could this have caused a gain??

Sorry for rambling I just needed to get it off my chest.
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I'm the same. I constantly weigh myself at home and it shows STS or gains (usually gains!!!) but when I weigh at group (which I take as my official weight) I've lost.

Try not to worry too much. The time I REALLY felt like I'd had a bad week I got my biggest loss so far of 4.5 lbs (not including the 5lbs I lost in week 1) - so go to weigh in and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised!

On the flip side, this week has been my 'best' week since I started SW but my scales are showing a 2lb gain from my last WI despite me being so good and having over half my meals made up of superfree!

Good luck!!! :D
I wouldn't worry! I very much doubt you have gained 6lbs, to gain even a pound you have to overeat by 3500 cals! You may be very pleasantly surprised :) x


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I was just about to post a similar thread as I have the same worry!
I didn't lose much two weeks ago (* week!) but still a little loss then lost 4lbs last week which I was really chuffed about as it's my biggest loss since week 1 and sets me back on course to hit target before my holiday.
I've stuck to the plan as I always do every week (dunno if this is 100% as I don't understand the phrase, does this mean not having syns or having exactly 10?) and just had a sneaky weigh before WI tomorrow and I'm looking at 1lb gain!! :( so far I've lost every week and my WI is in the evening and I've weighed myself this morning (before eating) and I still look like I'm gonna be heavier gutted :(
I think I put more pressure on because I want to reach a certain weight before I go on holiday x

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