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Oh my goodness. I'm not doing the CD but I have heard of loads of people doing it and loosing tons of weight and nothing like that happening...I'm sure you'll be fine. Just take it easy and dont push yourself too hard.

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as in all programmes made by the media, they love to give a jaded view point. you will not loose heart muscle and die. i've done ss 3 times now and each time i've exercised. the first time i got to running 6 miles on my long run and 2 x 2.5 mile runs. i'm still here, nowt wrong with my heart. your heart will be fine. cd is not a crash diet. it's a balanced diet that is medically overviewed by NICE. they follow NICE guidelines. you are more likely to die from being overweight/obese/morbidly obese! your cdc has to write to your doc to let him/her know that you are following this diet and it is monitored by a trained cdc.

the only time i've known VLCD do damage is when people have been trying to ss in a normal bmi range and that can make your body eat itself and do damage to organs.


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Thank you, I'm know I'm a worrier but I put in and lose weight all the time and hearing a doctor say u could lose heart muscle has freaked me out a bit x

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the thing is she said a lot of things that were slightly wrong, like ketoacidosis. it was a full on media doc and would have been highly edited to represent whatever viewpoint they were aiming for.


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Jenny don't worry - she talked a load of rubbish and what little truth she spoke had a load of spin included with it. You will NOT lose heart muscle and die on CD - they wouldn't be licensed to sell it if that was the case. CD makes it clear that you can do gentle to moderate exercise of SS with no problems - particularly if you were a regular exerciser before you started - however if you did none they recommend that you introduce it slowly( brisk walk, swimming etc) after the first couple of weeks when you body has settled down to it.

I'm currently trying to find references to all the medical research that disproves the carp she spoke so that we can have the links posted on here to stop people worrying. You are far more at risk from being seriously overweight or obese than you are from a bit of gentle exercise whilst on CD. She also said that of you eat late at night you will put on weight...heres just one of many many reports that have disproved that myth

"When total calories are kept constant, does eating at night (whether
just before bed or in the middle of the night) lead to weight gain?...

A 1997 review article summarizing the results of past research
concluded that meal frequency - whether during the day or at night -
had no clear effect on body weight. That is, people who chose to eat
frequently, regardless of the time of day, had no higher rate of
obesity than those who ate fewer large meals.

In a study of more than 2,000 middle-aged men and women, 9% of women
and 7.4% of men described 'getting up at night to eat.' Overall, there
was no difference in weight gain between those who did and those who
did not. A study in 2004 of more than 800 men and women noted that the
more people ate in the morning, the less they tended to eat during the
course of a day, while people who ate more at night tended to eat more
overall. A trial from January 2005 found that eating late at night was
not associated with weight gain even among people with 'night eating

It really annoys me that CD was lumped in with true "crash" diets eg maple syrup which doesn't have the minerals, vitamins, proteins or carbs you need to lose weight healthily.

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Jen you should google Mike Scott -The Diet Guy !