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Worrying day :(

Hey not really CD related but I am having a really worrysome day :(

My husband is in a Walk in Centre near where he works with what sounds like a severe ear infection, also I have just heard that a 3 week old baby from the playgroup we go to is in hospital really poorly with meningitis , this in itself is aweful but I am also a little worried as me and my girls ( 4 and 1 ) were holding her for over an hour and I am a little worried about the kids .... I am at work tonight and my hubby is rubbish at waking up if the kids do .....
and now I have just seen the news about the mud slides in Brazil , 100's of people dead in viallges and towns near Rio .. where my cousin and his girlfriend are travelling to on their way home ..... those biscuits are calling louder than ever .. I so hope evrryone is ok :(
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Aww what an awful day for you, keep strong.

My hubby contracted meningitus a few years ago on xmas eve, we'd got a 9 month old at the time and i was panic stricken that my son would get it too, the docs were very helpful tho and they just told us to keep an eye out for any symptoms to develop and go straight in if anything did happen but as our son had been vaccinated he should be ok, are your children vaccinated against it? if they are they should be fine but its always a worry at the back of your mind.

do you have a number for your cousin and his girlfriend maybe try giving their mobile a call if your at all worried but think positive am sure everything will be fine
Hi Katie,
Isnt it amazing how scary the world becomes once you have kids!! I've been petrified since hearing of that poor little girl yesterday who died from Swine Flu.....Big hugs to you, and hoping your cousin is fine :grouphugg:
Sending lots of :hug99: your way x

I would be worrying too if it were me :( I don`t think they`ll do anything other than suggest that you keep vigilant for any signs of illness? :(

I hope your hubbie is ok and get some meds which will help. If he`s really poorly, Is there any way you can miss work? (and put your mind at ease about him watching the children whilst ill).

I hope everything is ok with your cousin and his girlfriend x
Bless you, what a nightmare, hope everything turns out ok for you xxx


Why Be Normal?
Hi Katie,

It is a worry. Contact your GP and tell him that you and your little ones have been exposed. There is medication that help prevent your contracting certain forms of menegitis.

I hope you husband feels better soon. I went to my GP for an earache yesterday was told to "get lost" -- she did nothing. It has been bothering me (and has affected the other ear for 10 days).

Finger crossed and prayers for your cousin and everyone else in harm's way.

Biscuits are not the answer... and if you give in, you'll feel bad about doing it.

Can you take a bubble bath, sip some soothing tea, call a friend, etc.

Take Care --

Oh dear, sounds like a nightmare day hun, ending you a virtual hug. hope Hubby is ok, and hope the kids will be alright, can you take them to drs to be checked over? Sorry to hear about Brazil, I had no idea, I haven't seen the news today xxx
Katie, please don't let those biscuits tell you they will erase your worries, maybe for a moment they will take your mind off things, but in they end they can lead to a downfall and end up taking away your self respect.....................this is what happened to me when dad was hopitalised, from October til January 3rd I put on 2stone!!!!!!

Fingers crossed for you x

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