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Just been reading a few threads and wanted to know how the maintainers do it. what do you eat? i know this is daft, as I'm not even at week 6, but am really worried I won't be prepared for keeping my weight off, and just wanted some idea of how the long term maintainers do it, food intake, exercise etc.
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Hiya Kate

Keeping it off is certainly harder than losing it in the first place but it is possible. For me I spent the first 6 months afterwards counting calories on Weight Loss Resources as I found that helped me a lot, if you ask your counsellor they can work out your basal rate which is the amount of calories you need to maintain once you have finished the diet, if you then do a good calorie count then you should be fine.

After six months I have learnt enough about food to know roughly what is right for me and keeping a close eye on the scales means the weight doesn't creep back on.

Exercise is also key! I now go to the gym and play badminton which all helps keep the metabolism up and the fat % down.