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worst day ever! need to vent, sorry!!

hey girls im having a day from hell not only have i been eating crap. Just got essay results back and i failed:mad:

means i now have 2 essays (1degree one) and an exam all before xmas.

So down, could just give up on it all

sorry girls just needed to vent :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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you've obviously had a lot on your plate hunny so don't beat yourself up about it!
i've been under a lot of stress lately with family and other things and i've just about managed to stay sane!!

start afresh with everything tomorrow have a break tonight

you'll be ok hunny
Aww hun, I feel your pain.

Can you get lots of feedback as to what was wrong with the first one?
Are you doing a degree? What year are you in?

I made a "work schedule" thing in my final year and it really helped. x
thanks girls, home life isnt great either so it all just adds up. Im in my last year of nursing at dundee, yea doing my degree (but its optionally), mite have to just do the diploma now.

Thanks louise - thinking of doing that 2ngt, have emailed the marker so just have to see, got feedback but just said i was way off the line of the guide.

thanks again -
Remember - your tutors are there to help you. Knock on his or her door and go through it with them.

Also - of course you can do the degree, go for it! It's 2 essays and an exam but it'll be worth it in the end. I don't envy you though, my third year was tough but you will get through it hun.

Have tonight off and chill out with a glass of wine in your pj's then start fresh tomorrow. x
aw I feel for ya, I remember my fourth year was really hard and I never thought Id make it, I did, I got a 2:1 and am now teaching. you can do it hun, and as Lou said the tutors are there to help, hound them, they get paid and you pay for it xxx


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Aww sorry you feel bad - get the feedback you need and resubmit. Don't drop the degree if you can at all do it - beleive me its harder going back to do it later on. I work full time and have a family to look after and am doing a degree part time and its soooooo hard and takes up so much time. I'm quite lucky as I get half a day study leave from work each week (who are also paying for my degree) but I do feel like sometimes I don't do it justice as I've got to balance it with so many other things. I've 2 essays to get in for 21st Nov - 1 done, 1 not even started, so am feeling the pressure. Good luck, and don't be too hard on yourself.

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