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Worst WEEKEND ever=\

Hello guys, I'am not usually an over eater and I consume no more calories than my father. I eat healthy most of the time.

For instance I'd wake up have some corn flakes or oats without suger. Have a sandwich or nothing at school. Come home and have a risotto curry or somthing like that in the evening. Rarely snaking througout the day.

The reason being large you must wonder? well its because I consume around 1800 calories of coke a day which doubles my calorie intake + I recently gave up on gym so I dont burn any away.

So this weekend I thought id try to start dieting and excercising again.


7pm - Chinese Take away

10 Batterd chicken balls In sweet and sour sauce, Large 2ltr bottle of coke.

2am - Pizza

9'' pepperoni pizza with fries
and 2 litres of coke (Take away)


5pm - Dominoes Pizza

Large Pepperoni pizza and 1.5 Litres of coke.

9pm - Take away Curry (Gary Moore + Blues concert)

9pm-1am - A kit kat and 9 pints of beer at the gig.


4pm ( I woke up at 6 my body clock is ruined due to arqward revision hours at the moment + holday)

7pm Roast Lemon Chicken, boiled potatoes and asparagus brocolli and sweetcorn , + 2 Litres of coke

12am Take away sweet and sour chicken balls and egg fried rice + 1.5 Litres or coke.

This is compared to a typical weekend which would be (asumming im not drinking coke as Il drink coke for a few weeks then give it up for a few months then drink it again I have major trouble controlling my coke intake) + This isnt my dieting)


1 Bowl of corn flakes

1 Chicken Sandwidch

1 Choclate Bar (Eat them when im not drinking coke usually)

1 Chicken Rissotto


2 Peices of French Toast

1 Chicken Curry with nan bread


1 bowl of corn flakes

1 Roast Chicken or Lamb Dinner

1 bowl of ice cream or some Kind of Dessert.

thats a typical weekend for me, Although if i was drinking coke at this time which is about a 50% chance as i explained above, Youd have to add 2 Ltrs of coke to each day. Also I snack on Fruit througout the day maybe 2 pieces never usually more

The point of all this being is why the hell did I decide I wanted to try to lose weight again, And then the next 3 days after that decision I eat the most IVE EVER EAT IN A WEEKEND IN MY LIFE. I've never eat this much even when i have been on holiday. Im disgusted in myself and still not sure why.

I need help and suggestions on STAYING OFF COKE.

The junk food was more of an outburst then a general problem as I tend to eat quite well. But the Coke i need MAJOR help with it


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Hey Jack, I know what you mean about the coke, I love the stuff as well, but I have changed to Coke Zero, doesn't taste all that bad really!
I do Slimming World, and this is a free food, so I often have 2-3 a day at most. I try to have a glass of water or cordial in between to try and make sure that I don't have too many.
In relation to what you are eating, you only seem to be having two meals a day, is there any reason for this? I find it easier to have smaller 'snacks' during the day, and when I get a sweet tooth, I have some sugar free Jelly, I have started to make one up in the morning, and when I get a craving I have a bit of this.
There are many different types of diets on this forum, but I love my food, so can't do any of the ones that limit my choices, one of the reasons why I went for slimming world.
Good luck, and I hope that you find the right choice for you.
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I had a friend who drank similar quantitys of coke everyday and decided to cut down, (because of the caffene not the sugar) and so gradually switched from coke to juice so he'd have 1 less glass of coke and instead have 1 glass of squash, every day for about a fortnight until he didn't drink coke anymore, mabye you could do a similar think switching from coke to diet and then from diet to water or a light squash. because as we all know water is your secret weapon.


Trying to stay positive..
i used to drink a lot of coke as well, although i am a diet coke fan. i was really afraid i'd go crazy without it on sole source, but it wasn't very difficult to do.
Sounds like one of those binge weekends i use to have, scary thought, did you enjoy the foods you ate?

Right, so if i was you, i would take note on how it made you feel and stick the thoughts on the fridge door.

Then start with drinking lots of water, flush the toxins out, and then tomorrow start your diet as you would any other dieters day!

get some flavoured fizzy pop like cherryade or limeade, put in kitchen and limit yourself to a glass when you feel like it only, 2 bottle for the week and once gone, its gone

dont swigg from the bottle or bring it to where u r most, leave it tucked away and everytime u have some, it must be in a glass and the bottle left in the kitchen

then move to lemonade and add cordial into it

then do the same but with water

when i have coke, im great for a few days, then after a few days with just 1 500ml bottle a day, im a monster, and once yrs ago, actually got the excited shivers from a new bottle of coke being brought into the house, which was ridiculous and woke me up big time

u can minimize it, but it has to be conscious for the first week or so, then if u slip, really monitor how your mood changes, for me thats enough to not have coke unless i really must and even then, its a little bottle bought specially, like the 500ml size diet version and then i watch how my mood gets ratty, its quite cool in a non-cool way LOL

its actually very easy to wean urself off, as long as u actively try and replace the fizz with non-caffeine type of boobles :)
Hello Jack,
I know how you are feeling, i did the exact same thing 2wice!! i am back on it today, my first day!
Like yourself i dont normally eat a crazy amount of food, but at the weekend i consumed, 3 magnums ice creams, 3 apple pies, 2 bowls of rice crispies (etc...) and have now put most of my weight back on!!

With the coke i am not to sure, maybe because its always been a part of your life? I know one of the hardest things i had to accept was the only drink i was allowed was water. I think once you can get through your first week without coke you will stop needing it, and in your mind you can tell yourself you dont want it!

I hope this was of some help to you, just wanted you to know you were not the only one out there to eat like a ganet lol

Take care xx

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