Would any1 recommend extra easy????


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Ill let u know 2mora when ive weighed!!
It is good and easy to follow but the results are still coming in so only time will tell.


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i did green last week with a few ee thrown in and i loved it so much that i have done ee all this week,(weigh in tues) i just dont feel like i am on a diet so if i lose this week i will defo do ee again


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yeah i have, 1st week on EE and im nervous!!!! I usually do a mix of red/green so we shall see.
I was off plan from about nov and starting again fresh now.


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good luck to u both hope u have lost on it

with me just starting i was unsure whether to try or not but it would really suit me better

i only started dieting last monday and joined sw on thursday along with cutting out all sweet things and rubbish i have stopped eating bread

im already nervous about mu 1st WI and its not til thursday lol


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I love EE. I will see tomorrow how my weightloss is. Although it will prob work better on those who have more to lose than those who dont. Just a theory mind you.

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I have been doing it all week,but have slipped up this weekend(am really dissapointed with myself as i cant see the results) It is proven that the normal plan is more effective in the long run and for maximum weight loss its alternate days.

But for people like my self who are stuggling, or people just beggining it is really easy.....



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i am loving ee so i would recommend it


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I lost 3lb on EE this week! First proper week back since xmas and NY but all good !x


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Defintiely easier on the cooking front....


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Hi Jeanette, I'm a restarter and have my first wi on Thursday. I've done 1 red day, 1 extra easy and the rest green days so far. I love the flexibility of having another plan to choose from!


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I was advised that as a vegetarian then EE wouldn't be any better for me than green days. I think if you do red and green days then its worth a go