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would i be ok to eat!!!!!!!!!

wot about boiled veg will it take me out of ketosis the veg or the tuna


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
ok, just checked my book. if you go to ss+ your allowed, 120g of chicken or turkey breast, 190g of cod, haddock or other white fish. 200g quorn, 180g tuna (in water). 225g cottage cheese. You are allowed brocolli, cauliflower or any cabbage, spinach, asparagus, turnip, lettuce, celery cucumber, courgettes or marrow.
Hope it helps.
But really if you want to stay on ss, just have some water hun.


Gone fishing
Have you looked at the SS+ choices. They will be fine, and include tuna and veg :clap:

Enjoy your tuna :)
i wana try stay on ss i just wounderd if once would hurt


Gone fishing
That sounds good. The ss+ list is useful though as you can be sure that if it's on there, you'll be okay. Will also give suitable portion sizes.

Doesn't mean you are an official SS+er, just that those foods are safe and in the right quantities wont bring you out of ketosis :)
It might not take you out of ketosis, but why is a treat needed?
Surely you are SS'ing because you are abstaining from food, in order to work out why you didn't eat properly before?

"treating" yourself with food because you have done something well is a very bad habit, and one that you would do good to break.

Just my 0.02 cents.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
While I was on ss I sometimes jumped over to ss+ and it never hurt me. But you have to stick to what your allowed only hun.
Good luck x

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