Would it hurt if....


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yes it would kazz

none of us want to do this diet for a day longer than we have to - every day you cheat or have a blip adds another day of being fat and unhappy to your life!

eat today and instead of reaching goal in 28 weeks ( you can do this very easily ) - it will take 29!!

is a mini pizza really worth that?


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Yes it would!

firstly you will throw yourself out of ketosis, then have to go through the first through days again...

secondly.. when did you ever have 1 teeney weeney pizza before? that lil pizza would open the floodgates and it wouldnt stop there..

go keep yourself busy girlie - step away from the pizza, it's evil stuff!

Have an extra pack if you really are struggling :p


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Right you have to do all of these things before having a mini pizza then tell me if you still want one
Watch 30 mins of tv
Drink a pint of water
Have a CD shake
Read a chapter of a book/2 magazine stories
Listen to your favourite CD all the way through including bonus tracks
Phone your closest friends/family and talk for at least ten minutes
Sit quietly for ten minutes and figure out why you would want a pizza.
Now at the end of this it should be bed time so no time for a pizza but if you are still awake post another message on here.


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oh u people are so good!!! I just wanted one cos my daughter is having mini pizzas (the REALLY teeny ones!) and potatoes for tea....sigh...I will get over it..thanks lisa for my to do list!

I know I am just being silly...but STILL..I'll move onto half a shake when mini me is having tea instead!! At least when I get to week 3 I'llhave bars...somethin to look forward to...

Thx peoples!!


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You're not being silly, hun - you're being human.

But pizzas - mini or otherwise - will not help you be skinny and gorgeous, no matter how much they are singing to you.

You know what pizza tastes like. You cannot have one today. You will have one again but not yet. Take care of business first, then you can have one every now and then.

(that's how I got through 130 days of SSing!! Saying to myself - I can't have x today, I can have it tomorrow, but I'm choosing not to eat it today!!)



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Honey - I KNOW that feeling!!

Don't you fret - any and every time the cravings get too much - you get yourself on here and have a good old moan, darling. It'll get you through the worst bits!!!