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Would it really hurt me


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why dont you make one with whole bread, tinned toms, mushrooms, peppers, onions and little bit cheese??


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I say go for it. If you are good til WI you will recover from it. As long as you enjoy it don't worry about it.

When we are ill sometimes we just need to eat something nice, easy and comforting


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i know, who am i trying to kid!!!! enjoy your pizza and hope you feel better soon x


Will be slim!!!!!!!
if its bothering you that much then go for it hun! just be good for the rest of the week and glug lots of water! xx


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I've decided I will have the pizza and savour every single bit of it :p

Weigh in isn't til Thursday so fingers crossed I should be ok :)

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
see i wouldnt want to have one, i probably would end up having one if i really fancied it but you can guarantee it wont be as good as you expect and wont leave you feeling satisfied if anything it may leave you feeling worse. but all that said if i really fancied it i would have it but i would have it wil chips and chips spice as well LOL



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I have pizza chips mushrooms and garlic sauce EVERY friday night!!! Difference is... I used to have a 9inch to myself, own box chips, shops garlic mushrooms dripping &lots cheese. Now have 3 slices pizza, handful of chips off the kids, frylight my own mushrooms and grill a grated babybel light ontop. Pure magic!
Oh yeah and pizza is definately one of those things that you just can't substitute!
Lol - at the moment Im not prepared to substitute anything! xxx

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