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Would like to get to know you all a bit better!


My husband = My hero
Hello lovelies,

well as im in it for the long haul, 6 more months to be exact... i thought it would be nice to get to know you all a bit better!

iv got a diary and spend most my time in there, so will make more of an effort to pop in here and say hi etc!!

There are some absolute stars about, iv had the priveledge of speaking to some of you,

so heres a bit about me, add a bit about yourselves, will be good for everyone i think!!

Im 22, and live in Windsor, im origianly from Liverpool but moved due to Hubbies job!

I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter called Alyssia, and she helped me to put 5 stone on whilst pregnant lol - she just COULDNT RESIST chocolate etc while she was in my tummy lol

Iv got a bit of a deadline for weight loss so am going for gold, my husband is in afghan and will be returning in April 2011 so want his jaw to drop to the floor when he comes home to a new wife and abeautiful walking daughter!

thats about it for me, cant wait to hear everyones story

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Thats great motivation Lauren, Does he know your trying to lose weight?

I haven't got a great story to tell really, been overweight since starting having children through one thing and another, and found no other diet suitable.

At least with CD I don't have the cravings that I used to, however I do sneak a few peanuts in every now and again, thats probably why I am not losing 4.5+ a week, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest, just happy losing it for a change.

Its great on here, I like reading how people have done on their CD, its very motivational.

Keep up the good work Lauren


please try again
hi im claire and i seem to be on the cambridge diet forever, lol

i started with 14 and a half stone to lose, im just over the half way line

i have one child, kaya who's 5 and is my miricle
i was already over weight when i had her but i gained 6 stone after having her.
she was born at 25 weeks fighting for her life, i was told she wouldnt make it. i spent 10 months in hospital with her and when people brought me things it was never a bowl of fruit. i lived off crisps, buiscuits, cakes and chocolate washed down with buckets full of pepsi

shes tried so hard, gone from a child who would never walk, talk, eat nothing to a child that walks and talks in her own fashion and is learning to walk

she has a feed tube, cerebral palsy and autism but is such a determined child and with me being so big ( 23 and a half stone at biggest ) ifting and carrying her was becoming near impossible. to get her to bed i had to sling her over my sholder and crawl up the stairs, not the reccomended way to manover a disabled child

im half way and feel a lot better, i can walk up the stairs now with her in my arms

my ex is a squaddie and amazed at the change in me from us being apart for 6 months ( he was posted ) in fact i promised he can have a new pic of me today, lol
( odd i know that im still way to close to my ex but its complicated and i could never cut him out of my life and he knows it )


Slowly but surely x
Hi Lovelies

Im incognito - Im shy, only because I have a public profile in the industry that I work in......its amazing what weapons peole can use to be mean about you so I prefer it to be anonymous until I have reached goal. I hope none of you mind.

I live near St Helens, just on the Greater Manchester border. Im married to an ex squaddie and we have a disabled daughter who is almost 15. She is my love and my life and I take exception to being an outcast because of her problems. We have been in and out of hozzy over 240 times, been avoided, given wide berths because she simply has to sit in a wheelchair. Other than being tested for Aspergers and a muscle weakness, there is no reason why people would think she is avoidable. She has common sense but is developmentally delayed, thats all. I love her so much that it makes me want to cry, im that consumed by her.

That's my reason for weight gain, I harbour that pity through food.

My ideal weight is 8.5 stone. S**t, havent been that since I was 17! My weight crept up to a steady 9.5 stone for a few years and I was ok with that, not skinny but not fat. Then when I got preg and subsequently married I put on half a stone after I gave birth! And I went to weight watchers at 10st 1lb! Bloody hell, I thought I was massive back then and look at me now. Christ!

Our girls problems started when she was 3 months old and I spent months in hozzy whilst she was fed nasally and I was fed by the local marks and spencers.....i piled the weight on quickly. Hubby was out in Cyprus and then Canada so I had noone to cook for and couldnt be bothered cooking for me. So I lived on packet food and bread and butter. I spent most of my time fretting over our daughter.

Then I got 13st in 1991 and I just knew I had to do summink about it. I did SW and lost a LOT of weight then hey bloodyho, I got preggo again. Unplanned and I was unhappy about it. Sorry if that sounds callous. I still watched what I ate and after a few weeks I got dead excited about it. Until I lost her at 15 weeks - god, I broke my bloody heart.

The grieving was horrendous, beyond normality. I thought Id have to be admitted to a nuthouse, seriously. It put a strain on our marriage and I left hy hubs, with our daughter and fled 300 miles from his base. It was the best thing we, as a couple, ever did. It sorted the wrinkles out and I got donw to 10.5st. I looked bloody gorgous, I know I did...inside and out. I was loving life.

All the while I was still in close contact with ex and had no affairs or boyfreinds. I had a great job, Ellie was still in and out of hossy but the money was fabulous. After a while, it was obvious that I was still in love with my hubby so we got back together and he stayed in the army but we bought a house in his home town. He commuted at weekends. We were setlled and happy. And when you are content, well you shove your face full of crap because your hubby loves you any old how.

Over the last 7 years since being here my weight has yo-yo'd. I did cambridge in 2008 with great results in two weeks but had to give up due to a stomach ulcer. I dont know why I didnt try it again but I thought CD was to blame (it wasnt). I tried atkins twice and it worked because I have identified that I dont have a food problem, I have a carb problem. Its obvious. I would lose all of my tummy on Atkins and then stall. And when you stall you get fed up.

And thats why I am back on CD as you do NOT stall. It works and is tried and tested and the maintainance programme works. Im forty in Feb and I want to be the belle at the ball. I didnt feel the belle at the ball on my wedding day I was four months preggo and 11st! Granted it was baby weight but still, I wasnt the skinny bride.

So that is my plan.

I have NEVER been so determined in my life to see this through mainly because its achievable to lose that amount of weight in a short space of time doing a diet that fail proof. But if it wasn't for minis, id be chowing down on a packet of maryland cookies by now, glugging endless tea.

Sorry for the essay. It feels good to get that out, I tell you!
wow , we have asome interesting people on CD :)

I am katie , 33 live in a little village called sudbury near derby ( famous for its open prison and escapee prisoners , and sudbury hall witch was used in the making of pride and predudice ..) I have 2 girls , elena is 4 and abigail is 15 months and thankfully they are bith amazingly healthy . i work 2 days a week as a taff nurse but would like to retrain as a health visitor soon

I have been overweight since I was about 7 , was bought up to sit there till you have eaten it .... which means that I have no 'full ' switch and just never feel full or satisfied . I am an emotional eater ( guess most of us are) and can only blame my weight on myself .

I was a size 16 at 13 ... and never been smaller .. till now :) After having my youngest daughter I put even more weight on , and my eldest took a pic of me .. from a very unflattering angle ( its in my album ) that shocked me so much ... I couldnt believe how aweful i looked :( I was nearly 19 stone and shocked !! I had a friend who had done lipotrim so I spoke to her ,... I started TFR diets in november last year with lipotrim ( the first one I heard of ) I managed really well , SSing it non stop till about feb when I started finding it tough for some reason .. Lipotrim is very limited and only has 3 flavours , sadistic strawberry , vile vanilla and choking chocolate .. not nice at all so I heard about CD and decided to switch .. wow !!!!! I did CD SS+ for a while , then 810 .. but found it hard to include food .. I got down to 1.5 stone from goal and hit a wall .. my losses stpped , I started feeling very weak and hungry and just couldnt carry on .. so i came off and did SW for a while .. I lost one week , and gained the next .. managed to maintain ok .. but still have the 1.5 - 2 stone to go .. so I started back on CD 7 weeks ago .. then I got a date through for my gallbladder removal ( due to stones ) .. so had to come off 4 weeks ago .. had my op 2 weeks ago and now doing SW till I can start CD again , think that may be next week as I feel well and my wounds are healed ..... I cannot wait to get back on the wagon and get this last couple of stone off :)

well thats a bit about me , not very interesting to be honest ... but its me :)
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Getting Married 2012
Hi everyone,

I have been on a diet for 2 years and managed to loose 6 stone. I was 29 stone in Jan 09 and i am now 23. 7lbs and starting the CD diet on Friday.

I recently got engaged and the dress i want biggest size is a 14 so fingers crossed i can do it, my other motivation was a family member saying she was glad she wont be the fattest one at the wedding cause i will be there.

Would be grateful if you can get in touch and tel lme your experiences - and maybe support each other through a christmas of no chocolate, or baileys!!


Slowly but surely x
my other motivation was a family member saying she was glad she wont be the fattest one at the wedding cause i will be there.
Here with you all the way, chick x


Slowly but surely x
Thanks darling xx Im buzzing from the results! Its even better when you see how much my face has changed as well (will share at goal). Im going to do that every week and let me tell you its a GREAT help to me. Plus this forum is the BEST xx
I encourage you to do the same and if you need help cropping your pictures, Ill do it for you xx


hoping for a good loss
I am Charlie, 36 (I think) am married to a very supportive and lovely man. I have 2 children, 11 and 4. I started CD last Dec and lost 4 stone but came off June time as it wasn't right for me - I was cheating myself and it was costing me money to stay the same lol. Have since come back having gained 11lb and am in for the long haul. I have 3 stone left to lose to be happy, but may lose more once I get to 12stone.

Charlie xx


Getting Married 2012
I dont know how to do anything on the site, so i will def take you up on the offer of helping - thank you.

I think your doing brillantly, and hope i can have as much success as you
Hi, my name is Teresa (Tess to my friends). I am 32 and originally from South Africa. I used to be slim whilst I was at school (underweight, actually), but my problems started when I left school. I came over to England to stay with my aunt for a year. To start with it was really good, but to cut a long story short she turned out to be the reason I began emotionally eating.
I went up from 8st 7lbs at school to about 12st by the time I went back to South Africa. I was then faced with a few horrible so-called friends, who kept taunting me for getting "fat". This didn't stop me eating, it just made me eat more.
Anyway, I then met my hubby and we decided for various reasons to move to the UK. I got pregnant 3 years ago and actually lost weight whilst I was pregnant. I weighed in at 13st 8, but since then I became an emotional wreck and put on another 3st. I was 16st 8 at my heaviest, and extremely unhappy. I did LL for a while and managed to lose just over a stone. Had to stop due to finances, so went onto WW. Now, I am losing weight for me firstly, but most importantly to be healthy and happy for my beautiful almost 3-year old daughter, who is my world.
Sorry for the long post! :eek:

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