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Would like to start diet with SlimFast and needs recommendations



I'm a newbie here and from all that I've read SlimFast seems to be the right choice for me.

The only problem is that I live in Israel and no one here sells SF products so I'm down to what ever eBay sellers offers me...

From what I've seen so far there are two products - Bars and Shakes.
What is the difference between?

I understand that I need to have one regular meal every day up to 500cals and on other meals just replace it entirly with SF products.

So how exactly do I do it?

Thanks :D
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You need -

3 100 Calorie snacks (anything up to 100 calories of your choice)
2 Meal Replacements e.g shakes, bars.
1 600 Calorie meal (balnaced - e.g - protein, carbs, veggies)

Are you male or female?

Hi allie, first - thanks for the reply.

ummm are those the snacks youve mentioned on 1:

Slim Fast 3-2-1 Plan Weight Control 5 Meal Bars - eBay (item 400190171199 end time Feb-22-11 09:07:00 PST)


and is this the meal replacement you meant on 2:

Slim Fast Meal Powder Shake Mix 1 Can - eBay (item 380308868945 end time Feb-16-11 10:39:49 PST)


thanks again



I tried to register in the website but I don't live in the US and there's no option for people outside US to sign up.
3-2-1 meaning I will eat 3 snaks, drink 2 shakes and have 1 regular meal, right?

and I know the shipping is expansive but I still think its worth it, I tried going any other way and I just cant, I need a good plan like this one that also combine in it some meals replacements.
BTW, "add 1400 cal a day"?! I thought that the point was to have less calories then what the body burns? then how is this working?


yea but if you'll try to sign up you can see I can't change the country from UK to anything else

is the "9pm - A low calorie hot drinking chocolate and a 50 cal biscuit." is the shake just like the one in the morning?

and one more thing - I understand that whatever diet plan I will start, I will need to exercise, but thats a bit tough on me cause i'm in the army - getting up at 5 and go to sleep about 12:30 (4-5 hours sleep per night) so at the end of the day im really tired and don't have the energy to put on shorts and go jogging so I just purchased an exercise bikes (should arrive in a week) - is this type of bikes can replace the jogging?


alright allie I will purchase all those stuff and update how everything goes.

THANKS ALLOOTTT!!! you really helped me


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In my opinion, you could always count calories instead. Count everything you eat, instead of paying so much just for the delivery.

I have went on the counting calories section on this forum and have read threads where men count what they eat and since they are male, they lose weight faster also.

So to me, paying that much is not worth it at all. Count what you eat, and excerise. It does work.