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Would love some advice please :)

Hi everyone,
After loosing 4 stone on Lipotrim 3 years ago, I then lost another half stone on low carb way of life. I have maintained my weight since more or less until sept of this year. I was very strict with myself whilst eating low carb and nothing sweet (even last christmas) passed my lips in that time. Especially the last year and half, no crisps, no choc. Nuts were my downfall but yet ok on l/carb. Went on hols in sept had some dark choc and the rollercoaster began. I spiralled out of control and decided to change my WOEating. I had done WW years ago and had lost weight. Loved the variety and the fact that if you want to have something sweet you can. Sorry about the long winded intro but just wanted to give a little background so you fabulous folks could maybe anwer a question or 2 for me... I started back doing WW last week. Ive now been doing it for 9 days. Haven't weighted myself as said I'd give myself 2 weeks first. I've been keeping to my points everyday while also keeping it low carb, ie no bread, pasta etc. I find i don't digest these very well. Question is this: have any of you switced from l/carb to WW with success? I've checked already some other posts but haven't really found anything. Also gave up smoking a month ago and im petrified of putting on weight so for me weight watcher is the only answer as it keeps me (hopefully will) in full control.
I'd really appreciate some advice, success stories with switching and helpful tips if you have any. Many thanks. xxx
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running strictly on fat!
I also don't feel well eating all this carbs. I am currently on WW with a small twist that I am staying within pts but cut off sugar and carbs as much as possible (bread and pasta completely)
I feel great as I don't have any cravings. Managed to actualy control my portion and I do know when to stop eating without stuffing myself silly. I know there're lots of ppl on WW who'd happily be eating sweets and not care abt their carbs intake - and it's still working for them, although I believe that by default this'd make following the diet much more difficult.
As to your question I know many ppl who successfulycame off the Cambridge Diet (which is just protein shakes) to follow ww.
I read you have plenty of experience and doing pretty well so far so you should find it easy to get rid of the last lbs!!
Good luck on your journey xxxx

I moved from W8 last year to WW. I continued to lose weight and then managed to maintain my weight for the best part of 8 months. The first coupld of weeks I didn't eat many carbs but now they are a part of my everyday eating.


Crawling to the finish!
That sounds like a great idea to limit carbs. What sort of ammount do you keep it to? below 20g? I am addicted to carbs, I think its the reason my weight creeps up so quickly, Id love to change my WOEating for that long but I wouldnt know where to start. Ive lost 4 stone with lipotrim before and 2 stone with WW. i know WW is slower, but like you say you have that freedom of choice. Good luck x
Thanks for your replies. When I was being strict with l/carb way of eating my carb intake was under 30g. That meant no fruit, plenty of non starchy veg and chicken or fish, occasionally I would have red meat. Oh and not forgetting cheese and eggs. I suppose Atkins really was what I was doing long term. Thankfully I've switched now though. I'm not going to re-introduce bread and the like as a) I can never leave bread at just 2 slices, would nearly scoff the whole loaf and b) these type of carbs dont agree with me. Carb addiction was and I would say given half the chance still be a real problem for me. It was only when I researched it after loosing the initial 4 stone that it really can be an addiction for some people. The more you eat of the stuff, the more you crave it. So the easiest thing for me to do is keep off. Thanks again for your advice. Good luck to everyone. Hope to see ya'll round this forum. xxx


running strictly on fat!
Yeah, I'm with you on that one. I prefer not to risk it since I used to be addicted to carbs (BIG TIME)
I enjoy newly found cravings free life and it helps me a lot in my weight loss journey.
Good luck sweetie xxx

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