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would this be possible???

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:confused::confused:Would this be possible ?
Me and my husband are going to Majorca for a week Oct 2nd (we need a break after what happened L ) am wondering if I could go straight on the Atkins diet for that week? I wont be drinking as am not a big drinker.. However I really want to be able to go for a meal with my husband and I know I would stick to Atkins (order a steak and egg) would this be okay ??
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Sorry that i cant be much help in advising you, maybe talk to your pharmacy or ring lipotrim. Doing maintence for the week might be better? Glad yous are getting away. I really hope that it does yous the world of good after everything that has happened. Being there for each other is more important than a week of diet but maybe your pharmacy could advise you on a way to limit the diet damage. Enjoy hun!!! Sorry im not any help advice wise. Xx
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hi jaynie1985,
why not try to refeed see what the chemist says. Also Charl_x gives good advice, stay away from the eggs and steak and stick to chicken, and salad or try fresh fish. it's so filling. You are doing so well please stick with it. hugs xxx
personally, i cant see it being a problem.... you need to be strong with the old will power to go back to TFR whan you return home :)
I would certainly advise doing a refeed week before you go though hun. Then try to stick to salads, chicken and fish. It just means that when you are away you wont put on loads of weight. During refeed week all oils and fats are a no no and it would be impossible to control that while eating out on hols.

I would ask pharamcy for advise on best course of action hun.

Niamh xxx
I'm off on holiday in a few weeks and am begrudgingly going to refeed a good 8 days before i go- that way its safe to av a glass of vino nd i ain't going to pile on the pounds through any other reason other thn from crappy food choices. Given my strong desire not to go back to total starvation, I am hoping I will manage to stay focused and behave. I would Deffo talk to pharmacy first and refeed properly before you go.


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Jaynie, when I stopped TFR, I went straight to Atkins for a couple of weeks and then onto South Beach Diet (which is a more carb heavy version of Atkins). I didn't regain any of the weight I lost on TFR. And now that I've come back onto Lipotrim the weight is coming off very nicely (6lbs since I started on Thursday. If you do decide to do Atkins, you will eat very well on your holiday (and you do need to eat lots of fat which seems counter-intuitive but there's a good sticky on the Atkins forum from Jim which explains it all really well). Whatever you decide, enjoy your well-deserved holiday.
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Hi Jaynie,
The only thing I would say (which I was told from the Atkins board in the past) is not to suddenly go from one day of 3 shakes into a full day of Atkins......only for the reason your stomach isn't used to having that amount of food in it to deal with. They advised introducing Atkins over 2-3 days, maybe having two shakes and one meal the first day, and one shake and two meals the second. As you are already in Ketosis you shouldn't gain any weight when you switch over. Have a lovely holiday.
Hi Jaynie

I am off to Majorca on the same day! I'm starting my refeed in 2 weeks on the 21st Sept in preparation. Expecting to put on a fair bit of weight on holiday and will either go back to TFR for a few weeks on my return or go straight to Atkins.

I may see you on the beach! x

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