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Would Very Much Appreciate Some Advice xx


Perseverance is key
Hey everyone,

Well I wasnt sure where to put this post as its kind of going off subject, but not really. If that makes any sort of sense?? lol :whistle:

Im meant to be getting a tattoo soon, maybe in the next month and they usually advise you to have a can of coke for sugar intake, and eat a bar of chocolate, or something like that so ive been told. Well obviously im doing sole source, so I dont really know how to go about it :confused: does anybody have any suggestions?
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Perseverance is key
Awesome!! Thanks guys :D makes me feel better knowing I dont have to mess up that day! xx


Same as above - I've never had anything before any of my tattoos. Are you diabetic or anything that they've recommended that?


Perseverance is key
No im not diabetic. A few of my friends have tattoos and they've all been told to have a fizzy drink and a bar of chocolate beforehand so it decreases your chance of fainting lol. xx
nope! I've got 3 tats. as long as you remember to breathe and don't hold your breath for too long if it hurts you will be fine. i nearly passed out because I forgot to inhale!!! lol


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i didnt take anytihng before my tattoo which was years ago, iuve never heard of anything like drinking coke beforehand


Lovin it !!! :)
Ive a tattoo also & never heard of that - can't really see why you would feel faint - less you scared of needles ? but then would prob avoid tattoos if that were the case ? ! :)


Perseverance is key
I thought it sounded pretty random too lol but thought id better check :D thankies! xx
Sugar apparently acts as a mild painkiller.
Having said that i had a tatt on the instep of my foot whilst on ss. It hurt.... But not for long. You could always take a paracetamol just before..... good luck and post the piccys!!!!

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I've heard of that before...you get an adrenalin rush from the pain and the sugar makes sure you don't pass out. It's not really necessary unless you're the kind to get lightheaded. I didn't have anything before getting my tattoo and it was grand.

I would advise not taking anything that would thin your blood before...like aspirin. My tattoo artist said that's a bad idea because you bleed more.

Hope you love your new tattoo :D


Perseverance is key
Thank you. I'll post a pic when ive had it done :) if I dont chicken out!! lol xx
i had one a few years ago and it felt like someone scraping a fork over my skin. bit sore but nothing too bad.

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