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Would you go away?

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Hi all, I'm going to be starting LL on 14th Feb. My husband has suggested going away for the first few days. Do you think this is a good or terrible idea? I was hoping that being out and about with lots of fresh air would stop my cravings a little, but maybe I'd be better off at home where I can get on with some jobs to take my mind off it? What would you do?
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In my first week I was so up for doing it that I could have done it anywhere BUT not everyones like that it also depends on how bad your side effects are, you may not get any but if you do you might want to be at home under the duvet. Going away would take your mind off it all though :) it just depends on how strong your resolve is for getting started.

Good luck :D

Emma xXx
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hi there
where would you be going?
if your hubby is up for it, then go for it - i know mine is moaning that we can't go away as we can't go out for meals/drinks etc. I have said we can, but he won't eat out on his own and says it will be boring if we go out to a pub etc and i'm drinking water.

i think it would be fine either way - as FYM said you will prob be so focussed the first week you will be fine. why not do it a few weeks in as a treat?
daisy x
Nice of him to suggest it

But from experience I think staying in your familiar territory and routine would be better.
Most of us equate going away with treats.
Maybe you could celebrate Valentine's Day early?
Good luck.


I Can Do This!
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Mmm I would definitely suggest staying at home for the first week. I had a few headachy days and felt a bit light-headed so slept quite a bit. But now, three weeks in I feel I could go anywhere and do anything and not be bothered!

Lovely of your OH to be thinking what might be good for you though;)
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Personally I wouldn't consider going away and actually waited to do LL until I had no plans, holidays etc but that's just me and many people manage just fine.

I would say perhaps leave it for a couple of weeks as then you will know how you are feeling about it all and how you are coping.

Good luck whatever you decide.


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It sounds a lovely idea although I think the idea Daisydoll came up with of going in a few weeks would probably have appealed to me even more than going in the first few days! Having said that I had no side effects whatsoever-in fact it was the opposite. I had been taking headache pills practically every day through December and I have only had one mild headache in the 4 weeks since I started LL (it was 3 days into the diet but not bad enough for pills)
My OH has been horrible to me for most of the diet but he feels guilty I think because he's just booked a holiday to the Gambia for a months time!! Woohoo!!
I wouldn't have wanted to go away for the first few days, as that's when you are first getting into the routine of doing LL; you don't want to get into a routine away from home, then have to adapt to another one when you do get home.

once you are a few weeks in and have it down, going away would be a lot easier I think.

but that's just me :)
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:DThank you so much for all your replies. We decided to book a holiday for mid-march instead! My husband has booked a few days off work and will help me out instead of going away.

Thanks for sharing your views.


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Im going through this dilemma with my wife now as she wants to go away, im insisting we dont as eating on holiday is 50% of the fun, she wants to go in feb but there is now way im doing it.

Best to wait until after and control your eating around the buffet

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