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Would you like to be in the magazine?

I was just on the s.world site looking at the stories and was wondering who would like to be in the magazine or not and what the reasons would be?
Part of me would like to and then other parts wouldn't.
After working hard to lose the weight it would be nice to get the 5 mins of fame for it and if you get the makeover and photo shoot etc that would be nice as well but then it would be making embarrassing stats public too! Does it matter at the point of target/maintenance that you were x amount of stone or not? I think it will always matter to me but who knows.

How does anybody else feel about it?
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I'd hate to be in the magazine. It just wouldn't interest me at all, I really wouldn't want to have my 'story' on public view.
I think I'd like to, my group have been trying to talk me round for a wee while now, so I'm starting to warm to the idea, although my story is not very exciting but a photoshoot and pretty clothes sounds good. Damn I sound VAIN!!! :)
I think i would do it.

OOoooh i'd love to be in the magazine, get my hair and make up done and wear pretty clothes, i've always wanted a photoshoot!

I like telling people my story and how I have managed the ups and downs etc!

How do you even get to be in the magazine??

Kate x
You can contact slimming world via the online site with your story, not sure how many people get chosen out of those that send their stories though.


Slow and steady...
It'd be great to be in the magazine! Pretty make over :D

And I think when you get to target, how much you originally weighed should be a matter of pride, not something to hide away from.
I wouldn't mind the makeover, but I can't do the required "sob story".

I wasn't miserable when I was fatter, I was just fatter. I can't do the "this has changed my life" stuff, because it just wouldn't be true. I am glad to be thinner, who wouldn't be, but that's all.
Ooooo why not!!! I will give most things a go ... I would love the make over and nice clothes ..... But i am the same ... i couldnt do the sob story because being overweight never stopped me doing anything before .... I just feel alot better now and have a bounce in my step!!


Back to basics
I always think the stories follow a very similliar story just with different age groups and faces, its always i was a yo yo dieter and then I found SW and it changed my life forever. I wonder if you get to keep the clothes after....:D
Sadly if your face dont fit you also get turned down, not nice!
so true have you all noticed how good looking the majority of people are, they all look like models not a varicose vein or bingo wing in site


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i'd do it. i'd never reveal my stats now, but if i lost 10 stone i'd LOVE to be able to say this is what i used to weigh...can you believe it? no neither can i! :D

i'd love to wield it for the camera and tell them that i changed my life not SW!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Can you imagine how it would feel to be turned down? I think its tiped one of my fb friends off the wagon for a while, not good!
i wouldn't mind. i'd take it to the newspapers instead! lol ....bigger audience ;)

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