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Wow! Im amazed!!

Thanks for being supportive!

Everyone I've told so far in work, friends etc have been concerned and asked me if its the right thing to do as its such alot of weight to lose in one week so Im glad I have you guys to see it possitively!

Sarah x
Wow!!!! Thats fantastic Bubblegomme!! :)

U must be feeling on top of the world today!! WOO HOO
Well done, that's excellent! :)
well done :D


Addicted to this site lol
You should feel really pleased. I myself have lost 16lb in just over 2 weeks and feel better, I can walk longer distance without thinking I am going to collapse of exaustion. The other comments you will get will be "Oh, you will put the weight back on once you start eating properly" That is not true. I have friends that have been on this diet and yes they did but that is because this diet is not a miracle cure but a life changing program really if you go back stuffing yourseld and don't change your bad habits of course you will put on the weight back on no quicker then you would do on any other diet on the market, but like a few of my friends that have lost the weight and kept to an healthy life style then they have not put on weight and look just as great now as when they stopped the diet years ago. Just make sure that you see yourself as you are the new you and not have your fat goggles on when you look in the mirror take plenty of photos and line them up then you can for sure see yourself then and now and be able to adjust your mind to your new body.
SAV1990 thanks for the support! I just cant wait for the reaction of other peoples faces when I'm at my goal. They'll soon be possitive about this diet. Im doing it for myself at the end of the day so I just brush off what other people say about it (it just gets a bit annoying!). Well done on your weight loss, sounds like you've done great so far! Bring on week 2, Im motivated as ever =D
Well done, thats amazing! I have my first wi on monday so hopefully i'll have a good loss to report back here. You must be feeling great, ignore anyone whos not supportive, you're doing it for yourself and noone else.
Yeah, my belts on the next loop woohoo! I dont feel as bloated aswell and I've lost 3'' on my hips... All good!

Sarah x

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