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Wrecked fingers :( Advice?


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Hi, bear with me, this might be long.

I went to a nail salon yesterday in Manchester to get a French Manicure. The girl that did it made a has of it. She kept asking what I wanted done (she was foreign) and each time I told her, she didn't understand. She manicured, and ended up cutting my cuticles quite badly until they bled. The white tips of the polish were also painted really badly, there were gaps, they weren't straight etc.

So, when she left me under the drying machine with rubbish nails and bleeding cuticles, I complained and another woman took all the polish off and started again.

From chatting with the other woman, I found out that the original girl was 'learning' (note, she didn't say trainee), and that she never listens to orders. She also said "wow, she cut EVERY one of your fingers). It was really quite painful.

The finished polish done by the second woman was nice and I was happy with it. But, I wasted an extra hour having it re done, was left with bleeding and sore cuticles and still had to pay the full price of the manicure.

My question is, should I have been told that the girl was not qualified at all? And should I have been given the choice to have her or not? And also, if she is not trained, shouldn't I have been given a discount? At least after she hurt me and wasted all my time?

I have no idea about my rights here, but I want to do something about it. I really feel it was out of order.

Can anyone help?
Thanks xx
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I'm not 100% sure of what your rights are, but I do know that when you go to a hairdressers and don't they make a hash of your hair, you're well within your rights to refuse to pay and/or have a manager fix it.
Did you speak to the manager of this place? If not I'd be inclined to return and speak to him or her. These establishments must be registered with some governing body, one would think. Surely it's against regulations for them to allow a totally unqualified person loose on your nails? Or at least they should ask if it's ok for a trainee to do your nails and then give you a discounted price, as with hairdresser?

And if you can, please PM me the name so that I know to avoid it!


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You need to go back and complain, the least they can is give you a free manicure next time....
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Yes you should have been told the same way a hair salon will ask you if you minded a junior doing your hair at a reduced fee.

i would have complained then and there, but can appreciate you always think of these things after LOL. i would go back and complain, most deffinatly.

if that had happened in the salon i worked in, you would have had that free of charge, with a complementary manicure next time and a very big apology.



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OMG thats shocking - hope your fingers have recovered the ordeal.

I would complain, go back in and say on reflection you are not happy with the service.

I am not sure about rights, but the fact is she was a trainee and it could have been a lot worse.

I hope you get some sort of compensation....x


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i would phone first as your name must be on computer or booking sheet, and speak to the manager and arrange a time to go and speak to them personally, take a photo of the cuts etc (even with phone etc asap) and show them next when you go back

Did you know anyone can open a hair salon and call themselves a hairdresser without having to have any proof or qualifications? it was on a watchdog type programme once! i dont know about beauty salons though



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Have to agree with the others here, definitely complain. You should at the very least get a refund and an apology especially as you were physically hurt by this trainee.


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Hi guys, thanks for all your advice.

At the time, I was even debating complaining about the first manicure, I was just going to leave. Complaining makes me feel really uncomfortable and like I'm being mean. Even if they're in the wrong.

The thing is, I didn't book and appointment. I just sort of walked in and asked if I could have an appointment, and was pointed to the trainee girl. Would this affect my complaint?

Also, I think one of my nail beds might be getting infected. It's sort of swollen up and gone red.

Anyone know where I can get the law on this so I have something to back up my argument?


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Shouldn't make any difference whether you booked or not they still have a duty of care towards you, which they have breached.

As for law, the citizens advice bureau or some solicitors do a free half hour and can discuss matters with you and let you know your options. Don't know of anywhere to look up your options though, but someone else on here might.


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Okie doke. Thanks.

I've taken pictures, and I'm going to ring up tomorrow, outline my complaint and arrange to see the manager of the place to resolve this.
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No most deffinatly not, if they offer walk in appointments then this affects your rights in no way what so ever.

Take photos, and go back. I am the same with complaining, it makes me feel SO uncomfortable and i hate drawing attention to myself,

but i can assure you the minute you walk in with a complaint, they will not want any other customers hearing you, they'l soon whisk you into the corner for a quiet chat, and will be very reasonable. Should they be a reputable salon that is. Should they refuse to take responcibilty for it, i would personally mention sueing, after all.. your nail bed may be infected and you were not told she was un-qualified.
Before you go to the salon, write down everything you want to say, and practise saying it out loud. I am not suggesting you go in there with a script, that would look really odd, but if you know exactly what to say in advance that will give you confidence and make sure you get all your points across.


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Are these the salons at the back of the shopping centre in the market place? or like that if they are I'm sorry to say they are NSS and often they use harsh chemicals, did you have false nails or just your own done?

I'm a trained manicurist so happy to help if I can and can recommend a few things to try


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yes it was tucked away in a shopping centre.

Well Ladies, I went back in today and demanded my refund. They weren't particularly sorry, but I got it. A turn up for the books I think.

Thanks for all your advice!


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good news on the refund! you should have got that at the very least - along with a HUGE apology.



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If the cuticles are sill red try a cuticle oil loolk on ebay the edge is good but the best imho is creative solar oil

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